Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle: Joe Vassalotti

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Joe Vassalotti – When my wife and I bought our first home last summer, she allowed me to take control of the “man cave.” I didn’t need much time to think about what my plans would be for the basement. Could I have decorated it in memorabilia of my favorite sports teams–the Pittsburgh Penguins or Pittsburgh Steelers–or my alma mater: Penn State? Sure, I could have, and it would have been a typical man cave. But the first thought I had was about having Statler and Waldorf watch over our shoulders and heckle our choices of entertainment on our television, which often features some sort of Muppetness. 

And from there, the basement took on a life of its own as it became the Muppets’ basement. My mom was able to paint Statler and Waldorf, so we hung them up behind our couch. She was also able to paint Gobo and Red, who are placed in a part of the basement that isn’t in main view.

I gathered all my Muppet memorabilia, and my wife and I got shelves to showcase it all. I took stuff that came from my childhood and stuff I’ve collected over the years. We even used some former calendars to turn them into posters.

The basement has Muppet goodness everywhere you turn, making it the most welcoming and comforting place in the whole house. You can’t be in a bad mood as you walk down the stairs and the first thing you see is Kermit smashing a guitar. 

Special thanks to Joe for sharing his awesome collection with us! You can follow Joe on Twitter for some awesome tweets @Muppetational.

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One thought on “Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle: Joe Vassalotti

  1. I have the Gonzo version of those shoelace biters and he has EARS!!! I don't know who authorised them, but they're hilarious, he looks like a bat!!!

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