Calling All Artists! Design for Fraggle Rock!

Greetings, Muppet fans! We’re reaching out to YOU with a very exciting opportunity from our friends at The Jim Henson Company. We mentioned this contest on the site a few weeks ago, but we don’t feel like we gave it the spotlight it deserves. The Jim Henson Company is hosting an art competition asking any and all artists to submit their design artwork based on Fraggle Rock! The prizes are multiple and incredibly awesome and the exposure it will bring you as an artist will be even more great. Check out the official press release below…

Since Fraggle Rock’s creation in 1983 it has been seen in 80 countries and watched in a least ten different languages and, to this day, continues to enjoy a loyal international following. In celebration of Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary, The Jim Henson Company is inviting artists to submit artwork* inspired by the world of Fraggle Rock and it’s characters including the Fraggles, The Doozers, Sprocket, Traveling Matt and the Gorgs. One winner will have their artwork featured and produced on select merchandise items for Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary, in addition to receiving a private tour of the Jim Henson design studios, followed by invitation to Fraggle Rock’s 30th Anniversary party in Los Angeles.

*Artwork may consist of photographs, paintings, illustrations, drawings, graphic design or collages. Artists may also create 3D pieces but must submit high-res photographs of those creations. 

The Jim Henson Company’s Choice

The winning design will be featured and produced in elements of Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary merchandise line, which will be promoted and sold on their online store. In addition, the winner will receive:

  • A private tour of The Jim Henson Company and attendance to Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary party (travel and two nights’ accommodation in Los Angeles for two provided)
  • A framed copy of their artwork
  • A feature on and Henson’s Facebook page
  • $2,500

Eight runners-up, as selected by The Jim Henson Company, will each receive:

  • A feature on and Henson’s Facebook page
  • A framed copy of their artwork
  • $500

People’s Choice
The highest voted artist will receive:

  • A feature on and Henson’s Facebook page
  • A framed copy of their artwork
  • $500

Get Involved
Submit by:
June 20, 2012

June 21, 2012 10am PST- June 28, 2012 10am PST
Winner(s) Announced:
July 12, 2012

Visit the website for OFFICIAL RULES including how to submit and how designs will be chosen. If you are a reader of The Muppet Mindset and plan on submitting a piece to the contest, let us know by emailing us. We would love to feature your work on the site as well! Even more, we’d love to see one of our readers actually win this thing! Good luck to all!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “Calling All Artists! Design for Fraggle Rock!

  1. I can draw well but I perfer sesame street to Fraggle Rock and was thinking I might submit that because they are the same really. I will let you know when I win!

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