Muppet Fan’s Muppet Collection Chronicle: Julia Gaskill

Julia Gaskill – I haven’t been a part of the Muppet fandom for very long, but it’s fair to say I’ve accumulated quite a lot of Muppet memorabilia thus far. It’s enough that if my house was being robbed, the burglar would certainly stop in their tracks upon reaching my room and say, “Wow. Someone must REALLY like the Muppets.” And at the same time, I think I still have a bit more collecting to do before I can finally stand tall and proud as a Muppet fan.
Anyway, here’s my collection of Muppety goodness.
Items that are not displayed below that I also own: the wonderful Muppet Show poster that Jamie Carroll designed (still needs a frame), the four finger puppets that came with The Muppets DVD/Bluray (no clue where I put them), and my singing Beaker Christmas tree ornament.
These little guys–and that little book–decorate the top of my desk. Much thanks to my friend, Cory, who gifted me with most of these at the tail end of last year.
This is the part of my room I’ve entitled The Muppet Corner. I have a Muppet parody poster of Forrest Gump(“Green is as Green does”) and a Muppet parody calendar as well. That is also a signed picture from Caroll Spinney (and Big Bird) in the middle. (Below the picture is a doodle of Gonzo I did and my six tickets from seeing The Muppetsin theaters).
Here are my four Muppet plushies, which are great for cuddles.

My four Muppet T-shirts. Two were bought last year during the Muppet contest on Threadless, one from Target, and I still have no idea where my brother found me that amazing Gonzo shirt.

My more obscure Muppet apparel. The Kermit beanie’s pretty easy to come by, but the Kermit skirt most certainly isn’t, seeing as a friend made it for me for my last birthday. The Gonzo onesie pjs were purchased at Spencer’s and are so very, very comfortable.

My Muppet DVDs are the only part of my collection that I feel a bit ashamed about. It’s hard to motivate yourself to go buy more DVDs when: A) all the shows and movies are available via Netflix/youtube, and B) you are a broke college student.

My Henson related books. I love all of them.

The Muppets poster!

Some cardboard cutouts promoting The Muppets that a friend snagged from his Wal-Mart job. They’ve sadly been residing in my closet for the time being, as I have absolutely no where to put them (and I’m pretty sure my cat would shred them to pieces if given the opportunity).

Probably the most random thing I’ve ever owned. I found this computer game at The Dollar Tree last month. I’ve yet to play it.

Finally, an actual feather from Big Bird’s costume. A friend who interned at Sesame Workshop swiped it for me a while back. It may very well be the most wonderful thing I own.
And that’s everything Muppet/Henson related that I have in my possession! Hopefully once I stop being a broke college student the collection can grow even larger… but for the time being, I think I’ll stick to spending my money on food and rent.

Special thanks to Julia for sending pictures of her delightful collection! Submit YOUR Muppet Fan Collections to Ryan Dosier at or Chris Stulz at

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, 

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