Disney Working on Bringing THE MUPPET SHOW Back to TV

Earlier this week, The Guardian, a UK-based newspaper, published an interesting article that went relatively unnoticed. Titled “The Muppets Could return to TV after movie success” one would think that it would easily capture the wandering eyes of Muppet fans… but somehow it was only tweeted by our friends at ToughPigs. Anyway… the article contains some very interesting quotes from Disney big-wigs talking about the idea of bringing The Muppet Show back to television. We’ve pulled out the Muppet-related quotes that contain information for you below:

A senior Disney executive said the company was considering all options for the show, which originally ran between 1976 and 1981. “I am looking at that as we speak, it’s a really fun one to work on,” said marketing chief and channels manager for Disney in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Tricia Wilber.

Wilber said there was a “strong affinity and passion and connection” to the Muppets in the UK. “The investment in the film was obviously significant … we did want to see where and how it performed. We are looking at what this means for us and how we could take that further. Obviously the success here [in the UK] is a key driver in that,” she told a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch on Tuesday.

“What we’d do is ask what’s the right opportunity for the franchise,” she added. “If you went down the television series route it could play on the Disney Channel but it could also play in primetime on a free-to-air network. We would look at a variety of different models.” Wilber said it also might return in other formats such as an app, which she said could be turned around much faster than a new TV show.

Disney’s senior vice president, original programming in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Marc Buhaj, said there was “no shortage of excitement with various creative folk in the world how we could work with the Muppets.”

Nothing is solidified, nothing is even planned, really, but the fact that Disney is even talking about bringing the Muppets back in a television series is huge. The word primetime was mentioned… which is incredibly telling (I think) of Disney’s motives with the property. They’re moving forward with it and already looking beyond the next film… something they have never done since owning the Muppets.

Again, nothing is set in stone, but based on this article, it seems that Disney is finally working on returning the Muppets to television. Now if only they’d work on releasing Seasons 4 and 5 of The Muppet Show on DVD…

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

16 thoughts on “Disney Working on Bringing THE MUPPET SHOW Back to TV

  1. I thought something like this might be mentioned after Kermit was in the UK the other week. Almost every interview I saw on tv he mentioned that he was curious whether a new show is something the public would want.

    I also read an interesting stat today in an interview with Jason Segel. Apparently 50% of the worldwide gross of The Muppets outside America was taken in the UK

  2. The only way to find out what's going on with the Season 4 and 5 DVD's is if someone where to contact The Muppets Studio and its head Lyelle Brier.

    Please do that, Ryan. Please. It's the only way to find out.

  3. Muppets please come back espically my favorites Fozzie,Gonzo,Animal,Miss Piggy and My best muppet friend Kermit. you have to come back all my friends at schools sord of miss u! I hope Walter will be in the muppet show too! please muppets you guys are lucky to have fans that miss you and you guys have to come back. For your fans!

  4. Any TV exec worth his salt knows that a primetime revival of The Muppet Show with all of todays celebrities (who are big fans of the show from childhood or movies) would give you a hit from week one, ler alone the merchandising profits. Get your act together ABC and lets see something worth getting the family together for evening TV again!!

  5. I don't trust Disney to take out garbage these days. Not after having shown the Season 4 DVD box *in a releasable state* on D23 2009. Drives me to piracy, it does.

  6. wow a different article then what movie is going down. i got to say i dont remember the original tv series as im only 28

    but the Muppets have become very legendary anyone that loves comedy and is a open minded person loves the Muppets

    with the success of the movies its hard not to think new tv show its what EVERYONE WANTS

    but i see some problems with that like im sure these days the actors will feel weird being on their hands and knees making the puppets look like their standing up

    so why not add some LEGS to them sit on the side so its easier make them walk and move normally

    this aint 1976 anymore they dont need their hands up kermit or gonzo's butt, add a muppet world instead of in the living world so we visit their place their houses and parks

    why do we even need celebs on anyways there is so much they could do now the muppets are big enough to be on their own tv world instead of adding the living world it would be so epic


  7. You need to watch the old episodes of the muppets mrvalentine, because then you would understand why there were celebrities on it. The muppets were the best family show during its time. It can be a really great show again. With great ratings as well.

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