News Update: September 14, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: September 14, 2012

The Comic Buyer’s Guide, the longest running magazine about comics, has an awesome cover story this week entitled: “More Than Muppets: Jim Henson’s Comic Collection” written by our friend Whitney Grace. Just as it sounds, the article features a very impressive overview of all the comic incarnations of Jim Henson’s creations–including the rare, vintage Pierre the Rat comic strip drawn by Jim himself! The article covers everything from Marvel’s The Muppets Take Manhattan comic to the early 2000’s Dark Crystal/Labyrinth graphic novels to BOOM!’s Muppet series and beyond! It really is a fantastic read and you should pick it up wherever comics are sold!

Friend of the blog Josh Armstrong recently let us know that his website Know the Artist interviewed another friend of the blog, I Am Big Bird filmmaker Dave LaMattina! You know we’re suckers for anything involving I Am Big Bird and behind the scenes info, so this interview was a real treat. I highly suggest checking it out! It’ll shed some more light on this hugely exciting upcoming documentary.

The winners of The Jim Henson Company and Talenthouse’s Fraggle Rock design contest have finally been revealed! The winning design, by Inbal Hoffman, is below, but you can check out all of the finalists on Talenthouse’s page, as well as purchase merchandise, including mugs, water bottles, laptop covers, t-shirts, and hats, featuring the finalists’ designs on CafePress. Congratulations to the winner and all the finalists!

My favorite thing this week is two fantastic video starring the voices of Elmo and Cookie Monster on an Australian radio talk show. Why is this so awesome? Because they are doing their own hilarious takes on classic scenes from classic movies: A Few Good Men and Star Wars. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Cookie Vader. Enjoy.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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