Weekly Human Wednesdays: The Man from Timepiece

Today’s article, as with all the articles in the Weekly Human Wednesdays series, is written by Kyle Mahoney.


Performed by…
Jim Henson (1964)

Only appearance…
Jim Henson’s Time Piece (1964)

Best known role(s)…
Secretary ogler, Tarzan impersonator, elephant painter

A wife (played by Enid Cafritz)

Memorable quote…

The man is… we’re not too sure. We at least know that he’s the star of Jim Henson’s 1964 experimental short film Time Piece. In that film, we can tell that he’s a guy who’s in a hospital who has a drum for a heartbeat. He has a wife who makes him a lovely dinner, and he enjoys walking through the city in various outfits. He also enjoys a good run on various outfits.

On a normal day he will swing on a vine like Tarzan, go out to dinner naked only to appear as his own main course. Then he’ll shoot the Mona Lisa and go to jail. He will then escape and run away putting on various disguises along the way such as a tuxedo. If he has a spare moment he will grab an elephant and paint it pink. When he’s done he’ll head over to a diving board and begin soaring on a contraption similar to Daedalus’ creation in the Greek Myth of Icarus. Sadly, he’ll get shot down by every kind of weapon people can find. And all that is left of his day is to be flushed down the toilet.

The Man drives the… story? Time Piece is really confusing (as most experimental films are), so it’s hard to say why exactly he’s necessary… but without him, there wouldn’t be a Time Piece at all. Basically, this response is just as confusing as the actual film… so enjoy this picture of Jim Henson’s head in a toilet.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Weekly Human Wednesdays: The Man from Timepiece

  1. Sparkle you confuse me and I love it. The timepiece is amazing. . And I still can't believe jim henson himself voted for another film. Even though he did win tehe ~maria

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