Muppet Halloween Costume Spooktacular 2012, Pt. 4

Ryan Dosier – Welcome back my haunting hands, to our fourth and final installment of the Muppet Halloween Costume Spooktacular 2012! All this month we’ve been showcasing this year’s new Halloween costumes from the Muppets and Sesame Street. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 before reading on for our snide look at adults dressed like Sesame Street characters!


LIKENESS – Well… it could be worse. This isn’t too bad, actually. The use of the trash can is very creative but the weird Oscar hat throws me for a loop. Why does it need to have Oscar’s eyes? Why not just put on the trash can lid and wear it as a hat, completing the costume and making you look like Oscar, not a girl who has Oscar coming out of her hair. 3 STARS
FUN FACTOR – The girl in the picture sure looks like she’s having fun! I don’t know what she’s doing… but it looks like she’s having fun doing it. Although I can’t help but think that more than one “clever” person dressed as a surfer will tell a girl wearing this she looks trashy. 4 STARS
SCARE FACTOR –Eh. Nothing too scary going on here. Unless the person wearing this walks around with an actual worm, not a worm like Slimey, and an elephant in a trash can… then it could get a little weird. 1 STAR


LIKENESS – Well no one broke their creative bones when they came up with this… Yeesh. It’s really just a glorified hat. Why not make the whole dress furry Elmo red? All I can picture is some Cruella DeVille knock-off who likes to wear Muppet fur. Nightmares. 1 STAR
FUN FACTOR – This costume is only fun until the hat is lost in the hustle and bustle of Halloween and loses any resemblance to Elmo. 2 STARS
SCARE FACTOR – I scared myself with that Cruella DeVille image… 2 STARS


LIKENESS – Ugh. Again. What? Why? Who is this appealing to? It doesn’t even look like Big Bird… like, not even at all. The feathers don’t even look feathery. This is the lazy-person’s Big Bird costume! 0 STARS
FUN FACTOR – I don’t know who would consider this fun. It’s barely even a costume… it’s just a yellow boa and a weird hair accessory. 1 STAR
SCARE FACTOR – Well… it’s not as scary as the unlicensed “sexy” Big Bird costume. 1 STAR


LIKENESS – Uhh… I… wow. I’m trying to figure out what to liken this to. Right now all I’m coming up with is likening it to a nightmare. That eerily realistic nightmare where the alien bursts from Grover’s mouth? Yeah. That. I mean they got the perspectives of the upper part of Grover’s face right… but then they stuck that guy’s head out of his mouth and ruined everything. 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR – The only fun I could imagine having with this costume is if the guy inside is your waiter and then you keep telling him your order is wrong. Just because. 1 STAR
SCARE FACTOR – If this guy runs up to you and shouts “Hello every-bo-deeeeee!!” you can’t tell me you wouldn’t run. And run fast. 4 STARS


LIKENESS – Honestly… not bad. Not great, but not bad. The shirt is awesome. The mask isn’t bad at all… but the weird guy smiling under the mask just throws me for a loop. There should not be that many eyes on a person or a Bert. 3 STARS
FUN FACTOR – Loads of fun possibilities here. Perhaps the most fun would be had by playing checkers with a pigeon (obviously). 4 STARS
SCARE FACTOR – It could be fairly scary if the guy in the Bert costume uses his paperclip collection as a weapon… but other than that, not much scare to speak of. 2 STARS


LIKENESS – Oh dear. How does the Bert costume work so well and the Ernie version work so… not well at all? Maybe it’s the completely not right shirt? Maybe it’s the odd facial expression of this guy. Really, the only thing that works here is the Ernie mask/hat thing. 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR – Ernie costume, you’re not the one. You don’t make Halloween lots of fun. Ernie costume I’m ready to run from you! 2 STARS
SCARE FACTOR – I can hear the menacing rubber duckie squeak coming down a dark alley… Creepy. 2 STARS

Well… that’s it. We’re all out of officially licensed costumes to review for Halloween 2012. However, we can’t end this without linking you to a totally unlicensed, totally hilarious costume that you may want to consider buying if only for sheer laugh factor…

Yip-yip indeed.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

3 thoughts on “Muppet Halloween Costume Spooktacular 2012, Pt. 4

  1. Yup-yup-yup-yup-yup-ahu-ahu. That hurt me and scared me so much I could see them as a gang in a dark alley way *shudders* nevermind the dresses at the beginning were lazy people reminders and the costume hats are weird BUT I love the martians! I should call my next door neighbor their granddaughter still likes sesame street! Maybe she would be a martain! Yay! Cool! Okay see you tomorrow lovely people and thanks ryan for that 101 dalmations images imbedded in my mind hugs and giggles ~maria

  2. It's sad that the best costume in this post (by far) is the unlicensed one. What is Sesame Workshop thinking with these lame costumes???

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