Ramblings of Muppet Nerd Jarrod Fairclough: A Plea To the Muppets

Jarrod Fairclough Presents: Ramblings of a Muppet Nerd – A Plea To The Muppets

Jarrod Fairclough – Hello. This is going to be my last edition of Ramblings. Beginning shortly, I’ll be bringing you a new series called “New Pictures,” but I’ll explain more about that later!

Today I’d like to make a plea on behalf of all the Australian Muppet fans. Muppets, we love you. We love you so much that we dedicate hours of our time to you, writing about you and watching you, and learning everything there is to know. And when I say Muppets, I mean them as a whole, including the Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, the Muppeteers, etc.

So I’m constantly saddened about the fact that I miss out on so much stuff! I always hear “I’m going to see (insert name of Muppet or Muppeteer here) do a talk about their career.” Panel discussions with these people happen regularly enough that I notice them. Then there was the big Carnegie Hall concert! Montreal got an entire Gala! Unfortunately, due to my location on the other side of the world, I’m unable to attend these events, instead having to live vicariously through shoddy YouTube videos, reviews on this site and ToughPigs, or through hours of conversation with Ryan Dosier on Facebook. I’m sure he has better things to do than have me ask “How was the Jerry Nelson Memorial? Tell me about the Snuffy part again?” (Note from Ryan: I wish I had better things to do, but I don’t.)

Now, I admit, Australia hasn’t been TOTALLY ignored by the Muppets. We had Puppet Up do extremely well here. We get a visit by Elmo generally every two years or so. Sometimes he’s joined by a pal, like Cookie Monster or Abby Cadabby. And just last year, Kermit and Jason Segel came out to promote the new movie for like three days. But they stuck to TV appearances. As does Elmo. Where as it seems in other places, like London or in America, they make appearances live in different venues, where the public can get a chance to interact with their furry friends. I’d like that chance. I haven’t been in the presence of a Muppet in almost four years, and that’s far too long!

I remember when Elmo and Cookie were here a few months ago, I heard a voice over at a large shopping center, one of the main in the state, say “There will be an appearance by Elmo and Cookie Monster on the third floor in 15 minutes.” My goodness, I ran. I hadn’t gone there knowing this would happen, but I thought, “What incredible luck!” And there, on the third level, was a stage set up, with Sesame Street stuff around it.  I waited, and then the Sesame theme started up. Then, Elmo and Cookie Monster made their entrance, to the cheers of everyone. But not me. They were the big walk around characters. I was pretty devastated and disappointed. QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART, MUPPETS!

I have no doubt what so ever that if you guys were to organize a big Muppet event in Australia, just one or two, you guys would sell out giant halls! Australia loves you, Muppets. And we know you love us. But can you love us a bit more, please? With some Muppets? In performance form?

So that’s my plea. And that’s the final edition of Ramblings of a Muppet Nerd. As I said earlier, I’ll be beginning a segment called New Pictures, where I look at some obscure or awesome pictures and photos from Muppet Wiki and discuss them. It’ll be fun! Until then, dance your cares away!


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Ramblings of Muppet Nerd Jarrod Fairclough: A Plea To the Muppets

  1. Last edition….NO! I love ramblings! Oh well 'new pictures' sounds fun! And I agree with the muppets in australia. I have a ton of friends there and they never get to see them! I want to either a. Move back to london or b. Move to australia but I'm here in america. Thanks jarrod! That was fun!
    Hugs and giggles~maria gayle

  2. I think we could all use more live muppet appearances. I would LOVE if there was a website that let fans know when events like Carnagie Hall are happening, in advance, so fans could make plans to attend… I think most of us hear about these events after the fact.

  3. Very nice entry…it's weird for me to relate to it, considering I'm nowhere near Austrailia, yet I still kinda get the feeling where I am anyhow (as everything big happens in NYC, it seems).

    And this picture series sounds fun (though I'll still miss the ramblings). Can't wait for it to debut!

  4. Jarrod,

    My apologies, I read this article by a Jarrod, there were references to Australia, the first thing that went through my mind was Boutcher… I guess it was stupid of me to assume that Australia only has one Muppet Freak named Jarrod. Again, I apologize.

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