What Muppet Fans Got For Christmas – 2012, Part 1

Last year we had a post showcasing the Christmas gifts that Muppet fans received that had a fantastic Muppety flair. We decided to make it an annual tradition! So, we continue it this year with part one!

Denise Frawley received a lot of Kermit stuff plus the 2013 Muppets calendar
Sonia in Mexico received a huge Muppets blanket and a Kermit-green sweater

Mike Slawinsky woke up to a huge pile of Muppety awesomeness this Christmas

Anthony Mazzuca got Jim Henson: The Works 
Erica Rodriguez opened up an awesome new Muppets t-shirt along with Sesame Street Old School Volumes 1 and 3
 Tyler Farley exuded Animal with a new shirt, shorts, and slippers
Gavin in the UK got this Christmas Kermit. Says Gavin, “Got this little guy from my wife. Think I’ll keep him out all year round!”

 Santa brought Jenn’s kids their very own Muppet Whatnots!

Barbara Barac got a cool Cookie Monster water bottle
Heather Faville now gets to cover up with this gorgeous Kermit blanket

 Alexander Bannon got these Kermit and Fozzie hand puppets and a book from Holland

Alora Cleere got this antique Miss Piggy bank with awkward slot placement
Our biggest little fan Ruby Snelson, age 6, sent us this wonderful custom Christmas card she made herself with all of her Muppety gifts! Kermit headphones, a Muppet Whatnot, Fozzie and Gonzo plush, and the Muppets 2013 calendar. Thanks, Ruby!!

Well, that’s it for today, Muppet fans! Check back tomorrow for more Muppet fan Christmas gifts!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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