What Muppet Fans Got for Christmas – 2012, Part 2

Yesterday we showcased the first part of pictures of what Muppet fans received for Christmas this year… and today is the second part! (Go figure.) Enjoy!

Bruce Aguilar got Sesame Street Old School: Vol. 3

Christopher O’Connor got a whole bunch of Muppet goodies: Animal slippers, boxers, and a glass wall clock. Stationary/party ware and books, all wrapped in Muppet gift wrap presented in a Muppet gift bag.

Kerah, age 7, got a Kermit hat and doll, says Kerah’s mom Stacey, “Mommy might be stealing the Kermit stuff by the end of the night.”

Santa brought Craig Crumpton a Kermit Holiday plush, a 1979 Miss Piggy Christmas ornament, a Kermit Photographer plush, and the book For Every Child, A Better World

Dave Rosenberg got a Kermit PEZ, Pop! Vinyl figures, and Toys R Us Muppet dolls
Gordon Y. got a new t-shirt, Kermit and Animal dolls, and the Disney Store figure set

Jennifer Best got a Muppet fleece blanket, Fraggle Rock t-shirt, Muppet paper towels, Kermit watch, Henson’s Place DVD, John Denver and the Muppets Christmas CD, Ludo and the Worm plush from Labyrinth, Muppet ornaments.

Frederic Fontus got a rare 1981 Sesame Street Live pendant and a host of other gifts
Lewis Middleton’s son got a brand new Walter plush
Katie Lopez got a wonderful Kermit hat and a Walter plush
 Twitter follower J3h gets to wear this awesome Muppets t-shirt whenever he wants
Madelaine Swift got a really cool pillow, Kermit hat, and tote bag

 Gavan Sullivan got a Muppet tote bag, Toys R Us plush, a PVC figure set, a Statler and Waldorf Jim Shore statue, two water bottles, a “Before You Leap” book, a Winter Kermit plush, a popcorn figure, a Kermit Pillow Pet, and a Muppet Labs playset

Finally, Jeni Rizio (manager of http://carollspinney.net) and her husband Josh Hankemeier received this incredible piece of original artwork from the one and only Caroll Spinney as a Christmas gift
Well that’s that! Hope you enjoyed seeing what other Muppet fans got for Christmas and that you too had a merry, Muppety Christmas!
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “What Muppet Fans Got for Christmas – 2012, Part 2

  1. Wish I knew where to find half this stuff!! I mean seriously!! Muppet paper towels!! How cool is that?!? But do you think I can find stuff like that … nooo lol 😦

  2. I need all of this! Sure I have a lot of it and need to pay rent, but hey its the 12 days of christmas tradition! Clarafication: each day starting on the 25th you give someone a small gift and say 'here merry 7th day of christmas!' (Start backwards and go forwards. Go figure! Muppet huggles! *check my signature for clarafication*
    Hugs and giggles~Maria Gayle!

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