News Update: January 21, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: January 21, 2013

ESPN’s SportsCenter has a brand new cafeteria chef who seems to get along famously with hockey player Henrik Lundqvist. Check out the video below for a fantastic example of Disney cross-promotion:

Ricky Gervais, confirmed human star of the next Muppet movie (tentatively titled The Muppets… Again), has been making interview rounds recently promoting some other upcoming projects. He was bound to talk about the Muppets eventually, and he did on the UK talk show This Morning. Check out the clip, handily cut down by our friends at Muppet Musings, of Ricky talking about how excited he is to be working with the Muppets!

Sesame Workshop has teamed up with mobile phone company Qualcomm to create an interactive, exciting new iPhone application starring Big Bird! Check out the video below for five minutes of awesome footage of Big Bird and a Qualcomm Birdkateer demonstrating the really cool app. Even cooler, Caroll Spinney came out to perform Big Bird for this presentation. Awesome.

Finally, we have an amazing first look at the five covers for the first issue of the upcoming Sesame Street comic book, due out in April. Check out the amazing spread of the five covers featuring just about every main character from Sesame (except Zoe for some odd reason), drawn gorgeously by our friend Amy Mebberson, below! Make sure you click the picture to see it in all its beautiful glory!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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