News Update: February 15, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: February 15, 2013
Yesterday Sesame Street released a brand new video campaign asking for us, the fans, to help them get to over 1 billion views on their YouTube channel. The video, starring the always wonderful Telly Monster, is hysterical (“Gangnam Grannies,” anyone?) and the campaign is fantastic. If they reach 1 billion views, Sesame will be the first non-profit and the first US children’s company to reach that milestone. So watch the video, and watch a bunch of Sesame videos on YouTube to get them to 1 billion! Oh, and did I mention that once they hit 1 billion they’ll release a new, secret video? Because they will and it’s bound to be great.

In our News Update last week we reported that the 1978 Julie Andrews TV special, Julie Andrews: One Step Into Spring, which also stars the Muppets, would be coming to DVD on April 23rd. The DVD is being released by the same studio that brought A Special Sesame Street Christmas to DVD last fall. Unfortunately, said company has not gotten any better at designing covers for their DVDs. The image you see on the right is the actual, official DVD cover for the release. It is an amalgamation of hideous PhotoShop jobs from four different pictures… none of which were in the actual special. All I can say is… Sheesh.

In happier (and much better cover-design) DVD release news, Sesame Street Presents Elmo: The Musical, a DVD compilation of 5 episodes of the new (and fantastic) Elmo: The Musical segment, is coming on May 7th! You can see the cover art on the right, and based on that we’ll be getting “Sea Captain: The Musical,” “Circus: The Musical,” “Athlete: The Musical,” and two more segments on the DVD! If you haven’t had the chance to see the great new Elmo: The Musical segments on Sesame Street this season, this DVD looks like the perfect opportunity to!

Last but not least this week is an interview with Brian Henson featured on the Disney D23 Website. Unfortunately, the interview mainly focuses on Brian’s involvement in the Disney cult classic Return to Oz, where Brian portrayed the character Pumpkin Head. Thankfully there’s still some good Muppet talk stuffed in the interview as well, but nothing too exciting. Still… it’s good ol’ Brian Henson!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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