First Video and Character News from "The Muppets… Again"


Ah, I love this time of year… with a new Muppet movie in production it seems one can’t go a week without some major developments in the movie. The Muppets… Again is no different, as we’ve got three pretty big happenings this week straight from the director, producer, and star of the movie.

First off, we have some exciting Muppeteer casting news. In a brief interview in Empire Magazine, director James Bobin revealed that beloved Muppeteer Louise Gold would be performing in the film. Is that not enough? Well good, because Bobin also confirmed that Gold’s most prominent character, Annie Sue Pig, will be back for the movie as well. This is huge news! I met Louise in New York at the tribute to Jerry Nelson last fall and she said how much she would love to be back performing with everyone, and now she is! I could not be happier for her. Plus, Annie Sue is coming back for the first time in… honestly, I have no idea. A quick Muppet Wiki check tells me that she was in the audience of Muppets Tonight, but that’s it. Goodness knows she hasn’t spoken since The Muppet Show. So yes… this is big and exciting! Thanks to our friends at for finding this info!

In other characters we weren’t expecting to see again news, producer David Hoberman revealed to Crave Online that Miss Poogy and The Moopets could be appearing again as well, saying, “I think Miss Poogy might be [in it]. We love The Moopets.” But that’s not all! Hoberman also confirmed (again) that Jason Segel will not be making a cameo and that Bret McKenzie is writing all of the songs. Says Hoberman, “Bret wrote all these songs for this new movie and they are so different and cover such a wide range of genres. I think we’ve got a couple of spectacular musical numbers in this one and I think it runs the gamut of ballad and comedy songs. Probably one homage to contemporary rock. I think we have five songs in this and they’re all original, so I’m hopeful. Music is so ingrained in the Muppet culture and history, and it’s part of the fun of doing it, frankly.” So Moopets, no Segel, and five new songs? That’s a lot of info from one interview! The homage to contemporary rock sounds like a perfect opportunity for an Electric Mayhem song… please, please, please.

I think Miss Poogy might be [in it]. We love The Moopets. – See more at:
I think Miss Poogy might be [in it]. We love The Moopets. – See more at:
I think Miss Poogy might be [in it]. We love The Moopets. – See more at:
I think Miss Poogy might be [in it]. We love The Moopets. – See more at:

Finally, a few days ago via Twitter Ricky Gervais posted this video starring he and Pepe the King Prawn on the set of The Muppets… Again. It’s hilarious and nothing I say will make it better so check it out below:

Love it so much. So glad Pepe is on set, which hints that he may have a bigger role in the movie. So excited about all of it! The Muppets… Again is in theaters March 21, 2014!

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One thought on “First Video and Character News from "The Muppets… Again"

  1. The Electric Mayham are my favourite bands ever so they better have a song this time and not like in the other time.

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