News Update: March 8, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: March 8, 2013
Late Tuesday night news came out that Disney would be using its expert cross-promotional techniques on the Muppets once again. Access Hollywood reported that the Muppets will apepar on Disney Channel’s hit show Good Luck Charlie on April 28th. According to the official synopsis for the episode, “The Duncan Family decides to build their dream house after the family home is devastated by termites. Everyone, with the exception of Charlie (played by Mia Talerico), is excited at the prospect of a new and larger home. However, Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) has a change of heart after a dream in which Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Animal convince her that the old family home is really the house of her dreams.” It sounds like it could be a fun appearance for Kermit and the gang.

While on the set of Good Luck Charlie, Access Hollywood talked to Miss Piggy about her appearance on the show and filming The Muppets… Again. The interview is fantastic and Eric Jacobson continues to be perfect as Piggy. My favorite part of the interview comes when Piggy refers to Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey as “background actors.” Spectacular. Watch the video below!

Our good friends over at have all the news on the kids’ portion of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Why do we care? Because Sesame Street is going to play a big part in the festival this year. Head over to ToughPigs for the entire Sesame-related schedule, which includes panels featuring Maria and Murray Monster and their friends/same people Sonia Manzano and Joey Mazzarino, which are sure to be exciting. So if you’re headed to TIFF, be sure to check them out! If not, be sure to check out the great video with Murray and Maria below!

It’s been awhile since Fraggle Rock saw a DVD release, but the fine folks over at have some great news for those who missed out on the series on DVD the first time around. Series sets will be released on DVD periodically throughout the year (Season 1 on March 12; Season 2 on April 16; Season 3 on May 14; and Season 4–tentaively–on June 18). Perhaps most exciting is the 30th Anniversary Collection, also released on May 14th, which comes with all four seasons on DVD, a Red Fraggle plush keychain, the complete Animated Series, and a new Fraggle graphic novel. The cost is reasonable for two complete series, and the new box art is pretty great (see right). No word if new bonus features will be included… but the world can hope.

In other odd Fraggle news, the Jim Henson Company seems to be bringing their long in development children’s TV series, Doozers, to television. An official video preview for the show was released on YouTube by our friends at Muppet Newsflash. I’m not sure how I feel about the video… it seems pretty confusing so far, but hopefully it will be much less confusing when it finally airs sometime in 2013. Enjoy the video below!

Finally, in hugely exciting and momentous (for many reasons) news: Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel yesterday became the first ever non-profit organization to reach over 1 billion views! They promised to celebrate with a top-secret video, which they released yesterday. It stars Count von Count, performed for the first time since Jerry Nelson passed away. The Count is performed here by the amazing Matt Vogel, who does a nearly flawless job. The characterization, movement, and excitement is perfect. The voice is nearly uncanny. There are moments where Matt emulates Jerry’s voice so perfectly, he could fool anyone. I am so thrilled and proud of Matt for this video and for taking over Count von Count. No one could do better. Watch the wonderful video below!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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