Muppet Fans Remember Jane Henson

After Jane Henson passed away, we asked Muppet fans to share their tributes to the Muppet Matriarch. Only a few fans got their tributes in by today, but we’ll be taking work from anyone who wishes to submit it at

 In Loving Memory of Jane Henson by Jesse Oliver

Kyle Mahoney – Without you there wouldn’t be any of this, any of us here knowing each other and celebrating the amazing work that your husband created. Without you there would be no Muppets. You gave Jim the most important things in life: Love and Family. You two created an empire based on fun and silliness other than just profit. You were more than just business partners. You raised the amazing children who help keep your husband’s work alive. But you were so much more than just a wife and mother. You were a builder. A Sculptor. You created the look and feel of the Muppets, You held your hand high above your head and gave the world the first glimpse of something that would change the face of entertainment. And even when you put your hand down for the last time, you kept looking, you kept finding more people who wanted their hands up. You helped find people to bring their dreams to life just like you helped Jim. Because that’s the kind of person you are, the kind who helps people reach their dreams.

We’ll Miss You Jane.

Andrew Molinaro performed a Muppet themed karaoke to celebrate Jane Henson. Watch the video below.

Chris Stulz – This is a collage to Jane Henson I made for Muppet Stuff. When searching for images to pay her tribute, I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best. I mean she was right there, literally hands on, through so much of the Muppets history and I wanted to show how much she loved her family both flesh and felt. The original Kermit is holding a photo of Steve Whitmire and Jane to show the significance of Jane’s recommendation to hire Steve and his then later taking over of Kermit after Jim’s passing.The bottom images are a timeline of events from Jim and Jane’s wedding, to the start of their family, and culminating in the picture on the right with all her children and grandchildren. The other images are spread out similar to the way reference images might be used in the workshop. The scissors and string are meant to convey the work she did behind and under the scenes, both in the making of earliest Muppets and continuing today to keep Jim’s vision alive with the Jim Henson Legacy. 

Mitchell Stein – Although she is not as big of a name as say, Jerry Nelson, Jane still had a big part in the creation of the Muppets. Jane did many great things in her life. She co-founded the creation of the Muppets alongside Jim, and even founded the Jim Henson Legacy, shortly after Jim’s death. If not for Jane, we might not even know the Muppets as we do now. Jane was a very important part in the Muppets and standing alongside Jim all those years. 
Jane was a beautiful, kind-hearted person throughout her life. She will be sorely missed. My condolences to the entire family. Rest in peace Jane.

KonyPuppetsTV created this beautiful montage video of photos of Jane set to Sarah McLachlan’s cover of “Rainbow Connection.” Watch the video below.

Tribute to Jane Henson by Christopher Smigliano

We miss you, Jane and thank you for everything.

Remember if you have a tribute for Mrs. Henson to submit it to

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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