News Update: April 27, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: April 27, 2013

The 30th Anniversary website for Fraggle Rock has officially launched with a wealth of new information about what to expect from the show’s upcoming anniversary promotions. This includes wall graphics in June, an all-encompassing collector’s book in July, and (most exciting) a so-called “Classic Music Collection” in November, plus much more! This is only the beginning of the excitement, so be on the lookout for more!

But wait, there’s more right here! A friend of the site alerted us the fact that select clips and episodes of Fraggle Rock would be playing on the TVs at the kids entertainment chain Chuck E. Cheese’s. Our friend let us know that a partnership with The Jim Henson Company allowed for episodes of Fraggle Rock (and Pajanimals) to be shown in the restaurants. There’s also talk of some Fraggle prizes being available for kids as well. So if you’ve got kids and they’ve been clamoring to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s… now you’ve got a Fraggle-ish reason to go!

But wait, there’s still more Fraggle news! The Muppet-loving t-shirt design website Threadless and The Jim Henson Company recently announced a new Fraggle Rock design contest for artists. Just like the Muppet and Sesame Street contests Threadless has held in the past, this contest allows artists to submit their work for t-shirt designs to be voted on by the masses. The prizes are incredible, including $2,500 cash and a “one of a kind, handcrafted Doozer, custom created for the Jim Henson Company for display use.”! So if you’re an artist who loves Fraggle Rock, get to designing and submitting your work!

And would you believe that we’ve still got more Fraggle stuff? Last weekend, the cable channel The Hub hosted its Fraggle Rock-A-Thon, a marathon of Fraggle Rock‘s greatest episodes. This marathon was hosted by Gobo Fraggle and Red Fraggle in new interstitials! Check out John Tartaglia and Karen Prell having a fantastic time as Gobo and Red promoting the show for The Hub in the video below, found by our friends at!

The Jim Henson Company is developing a brand new reality competition series for the Syfy Network. The Jim Henson Creature Shop will feature Brian Henson as a judge. Check out the press release from Syfy for more info: “For generations the craftsmen at The Jim Henson Creature Shop have brought to life imaginative, lovable and memorable characters that have enthralled audiences around the world. Now, aspiring creature makers will have an opportunity to win the job of a lifetime – an apprenticeship with the Creature Shop. Teams of amateur creators will face off to build elaborate and awe-inspiring creatures, ranging from animatronic monsters and fantastical puppets, to life-like beasts and beyond! Creations are judged by Brian Henson – son of Jim Henson and Chairman to the Henson empire – along with top industry experts. Executive producers: Brian Henson (The Jim Henson Company) and Joseph Freed.

Lastly, our friends at have scooped us again with news that Oscar-nominated Frost/Nixon actor Frank Langella has filmed a cameo for The Muppets… Again! The news comes straight from, a very reputable entertainment news source, so we can definitely count Mr. Langella on the list of cameos for The Muppets… Again!

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