News Update: May 24th, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: May 24th 2013
As we reported last week, The Muppet Movie is coming to Disney Blu-ray on August 13th. Unsurprisingly, the Muppet Facebook pages have been celebrating the upcoming release, but so has the official Disney fan-blog “Oh My Disney, which has come up with an article called “Reasons Why We’re Excited That The Muppet Movie Is Coming to Blu-ray.” The reasons are pretty great and very Muppet-fan friendly, so be sure to check it out.

The first official products from The Muppets… Again! have been made available for pre-order on The products are two books, the first Kermit’s Double Trouble is an illustrated storybook about the film, and the second, Muppets: Official World Tour Book, which is described as “Filled with photos and props from the movie, this paper-over-board storybook will be the souvenir tour book from the Muppets’ international tour in the film.” The second book definitely sounds awesome. Both will be available on February 11th, 2014 and both come with this description of the film:

“The Muppets are off on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine-the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit-and his dastardly sidekick Dominic, aka Number Two.”

In more news about The Muppets… Again! another cameo guest star has been reported in rapper/actor P. Diddy. Our friends at broke the story from an Australian news source, which talked to an actress who appeared in the scene with P. Diddy and Pepe the King Prawn. The actress said, “Travelling on a train, she plays the dice game craps with both of them, then dances with Pepe and ends up in a tussle with another girl while vying for the prawn’s affections. ‘It was funny as we ended up tearing both his hands off in the scene. It was an amazing experience,’ she said.” So this confirms both Pepe and P. Diddy! I know which one I’m more excited about.

In the biggest news of the week, New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image and The Jim Henson Legacy announced this week that they are opening a brand new, permanent Jim Henson Gallery. Opening in “Winter 2014-2015,” the gallery will be home to more than 400 puppets, costumes, props, and more from Jim Henson’s creations ranging from the Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and more. It sounds like a truly amazing gallery–but what is even more amazing is the announcement of the gallery, which featured Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Cheryl Henson, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch, and Gobo Fraggle!

And the best part is, our friends at were on hand at the announcement to take video! Watch below for Miss Piggy, Oscar, and Gobo. It’s truly fantastic. Eric Jacobson, Caroll Spinney, and John Tartaglia prove again how truly fantastic they are. Enjoy and thanks ToughPigs!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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