News Update: July 28, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: July 28, 2013

A new piece of pretty awesome Muppet merchandise is apparently coming soon. We have only found it available for pre-order at ComicsInfinity, who provide this information about the cool piece: “This character-authentic polystone mini-bust is designed and sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons. Standing 6 1/2″ tall, Kermit the Frog comes painted and ready to display.” The bust is currently on sale for $64.70, down from the normal $70. Hopefully more Muppets will be made into busts soon. Check out the Kermit bust below and click over to ComicsInfinity if you wish to pre-order!

Our friends at found a musical little gem on YouTube this week from Canadian rapper Classified. His new song, “3 Foot Tall” features a sample from “Life’s a Happy Song.” Classified sampled Walter’s line from the song, “When you’re alone, life can be a little rough, it makes you feel like you’re three foot tall. When it’s just you, well times can be tough when there’s no one there to catch your fall.” The song is insanely catchy and really, really well done. Take a listen below! (WARNING: There are a few semi-explicit lyrics.)

Over on the suddenly-active-again Facebook fan page for The Muppets, the fine folks from Disney posted a cute little picture to promote the release of The Muppet Movie on Blu-ray on August 13th. The image, which you can see below, shows a few pages from Walter’s scrapbook about his favorite film, The Muppet Movie. It’s adorable and absolutely something Walter would do.

And, unfortunately, that’s all the news this week. So… happy Friday! Go have some ice cream–on us! (NOTE: Ice cream will not actually be on us, unless you dump it on us because we didn’t pay for it when we said we would.)

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “News Update: July 28, 2013

  1. The bust is from the Grand Jester Studios Collection.. they make awesome Disney busts and now Kermit is coming this fall. For sale at all the points who sell these busts.. maybe at the online disneystore too

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