News Update: July 25, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: July 25, 2013
The biggest news of the week over in the real world was the birth of the royal baby, the Prince of Cambridge, the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Why should we as Muppet fans care about the new heir to the British throne? Because Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy care, of course! Check out the video below, direct from our friends at The Muppets Studio, to watch Kermit and Piggy pause filming of Muppets Most Wanted to congratulate the royals on the new baby!

At Toy Fair this year, the toy company Funko revealed a new series of “Cupcakes” figures modeled after various Disney characters. Two of these characters in the series will be Kermit and Miss Piggy! The figures are kind of weird but also pretty delightful… so check out the figures and their boxes below! They’ll be released in October and will retail around $14.99. (Thanks to our friends at for the info!)

This week The Jim Henson Company launched a brand new website for Jim Henson’s classic fantasy epic The Dark Crystal. The site is located at and it is totally awesome. It is jam packed with information, mythology, pictures, and a whole encyclopedia of vast information about the film. I’m not a huge fan of The Dark Crystal, but the website is pretty incredible. You could spend ages pouring over all of the interactive content. Well done, Henson Company!

Last week, the great Jeffery Tambor appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote Arrested Development. Well, since Craig is such a big Muppet fan, it shouldn’t be such a big surprise that they ended up talking about Muppets From Space. It’s a fantastic moment, that you should definitely check out in the video below. Skip ahead to 8:45 for the Muppet talk!

Back in February, we were thrilled to showcase a fan made animated video starring Baby Sinclair and Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs. The video was ridiculously good and made by our friend Davide Maugeri and his team of animators. Well, I’m once again thrilled to announce that Davide and his team are working on another short starring even more Dinosaurs characters! Check out the teaser poster below and be on the lookout for the new short sometime in 2014.

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  1. Just so everyone is aware, the Muppet-related conversation in that interview lasts for exactly 34 seconds. So if that's all you're interested in, you can pretty much stop watching after 9:19.

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