"Muppets Most Wanted" Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Yesterday the Muppet fan world was shocked when Disney released the very first teaser trailer for Muppets Most Wanted! The trailer is fun, exciting, and hysterical–plus it features Scooter singing “Moves Like Jagger.” Yup. Really. Anyway! Last time we had Muppet trailers coming at us, The Muppet Mindset painstakingly screencapped every trailer and broke down what was going on in each frame. We intended to do the same thing this time, but the awesome folks at Muppet Wiki already did the screencapping, so we all have to do is ramble about the images. Thanks, Muppet Wiki! Once again, you set the bar!

Ahhhh!! AN-I-MAL! Welcoming us right away. Wonderful.

When I first watched the trailer I thought they were just going to show clips from The Muppets… because this looks just like The Muppets. But then I looked closer at the collar on this frog…

It’s Ty Burrell! As Jean-Pierre Napoleon! With Sam Eagle! And Kermit! And Fozzie! At the Tower of London! AWESOME.

Golden tuxedoes, canes, Muppets, dancing girls… This is going to be one heck of a number! It’s also worth noting that I didn’t even bat an eye at the fact that Scooter and Rowlf are in the forefront–which is crazy.

It’s Kermit!! Wait… is it?! Note the odd short collar and the tiny green mole on his face. Methinks, ladies and gents, that this is Constantine! Also, not sure what’s going on with Piggy’s hair here, but there’s her dog Foo-Foo!!

And here’s Constantine doing karate! Something tells me that he might try to use this on a pig and it won’t end well for him… but still, fantastic puppetry here.

Perhaps my favorite shot in the trailer… Walter, Fozzie, and Animal wandering all disciple-like through the desert. Beautiful, hysterical, wonderful… I cannot wait to see what the heck is going on here! Also, love Walter’s walking stick!

Ricky Gervais as Dominic telling us it’s going to be amazing. Plus, Constantine again!

THIS is awesome. It looks like Constantine (I think it’s him at least) is dancing on some metalwork of a building. Or walking on it. Or something. Anyway, I love the puppetry.

I love how much Ty Burrell and Sam are together in this trailer. It looks like they may be partnered up in this, giving Sam a pretty big role, which would be great.

This. Is. Gorgeous. This whole film just looks so strikingly cinematic and beautiful.

Ricky, you dancing fool!

Perfect. Hysterical. I have a feeling Ty Burrell is going to steal the show.

And Tina Fey. Beautiful. She’s going to give Ty and Ricky and the Muppets a serious run for their money. She already is hilarious. I can’t wait for this Russian gulag number.

Now I believe this is Kermit. I think the black mole indicates Kermit. Plus, the collar looks longer. Also, this is hilarious.

Put. The Frog. DOWN.

I spy Danny Trejo in the bottom right corner!! Here’s hoping the poor guy doesn’t get cut out from another prison scene in a Muppet movie. Also, apparently Ray Liotta is the guy on the left and if you look closely Steve Whitmire is behind him!

I love this. The teeny tiny little Interpol car is hysterical! And, I could be wrong, but I think Sam Eagle is in the passenger’s seat. This is SO Muppety.

Poor Chef… being chased by a shark (that he obviously had tried to cook) as Zoot and Janice watch on. Love.

Now for the onslaught of cameos! This is Bridget Mendler, who worked with the Muppets on Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel, and Debby Ryan, who is also from Disney Channel. It looks like they’re at some sort of fancy party.

There’s Sean P. Diddy Combs and Pepe P. Prawnie Prawn! So very excited to see more Pepe and this scene looks hilarious.

There’s Disney Channel’s Ross Lynch, showing some vase twirling skills in front of the Tower of London.

Here’s a cameo we didn’t know about: the lovely Selma Hayek! She’s a fantastic actress and looks hilarious here. Note Camilla in the bottom right corner and the target on her chest. Could she be part of Gonzo’s stunts?

Yup. Sam and Ty Burrell are definitely teaming up–and it looks like they have a musical number. I love it!!

No big deal… just Rowlf and Lew Zealand hanging out. AWESOME.

Love this. So much. Scooter singing “Moves Like Jagger” with a bunch of penguins. It’s so brilliant!!

Rizzo!! I think it’s a great sign that he’s featured in the trailer! Hopefully that carries over to the film.

Yaaaaay! More Walter! Gotta love that little guy!

Aww, this is just how I look when I watch Muppets with my friends. (Note: I’m Animal, my friends are Kermit.)

So there you have it, Muppet fans! The first teaser trailer for Muppets Most Wanted! Be sure to click the pictures for hi-res. Thanks again to Muppet Wiki for doing the grunt work!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “"Muppets Most Wanted" Teaser Trailer Breakdown

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the one with the BLACK mole is Constantine? Cause that seems like the way they distinguish between the good Kermit and the “mirror universe” Kermit (aka Constantine) without giving Kermit an ugly goatee. 😉

  2. I am driving a tiny car mysefl and I love this movie already because of the tiny car which reminds me of the car which I have which isn't as tiny as that tiny car but is pretty small (Its also green.)

    I missed you and I'm bake for the foreseeable future!

  3. The bearded prisoner scowling at Kermit in the second picture of prisoners hoisting a frog appears to be Jemaine Clement, the other half of Flight of the Conchords. Maybe Brett will make an appearance as well!

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