News Update: September 6, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: September 5, 2013

This past weekend the annual Dragoncon was held in Atlanta, Georgia. For the past few years Dragoncon has had an uncanny ability to attract Muppet performers and personalities for panels and appearances. This year was no exception, as Karen Prell, Kathryn Mullen, and Michael Frith all appeared to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock. Of course, since Karen Prell and Red Fraggle are basically inseparable, Red Fraggle was also there–and so was Mokey Fraggle! This is the first time Kathy Mullen has performed Mokey since Fraggle Rock ended. Check out the video below for a purely delightful appearance!

Last week our good friends Bill Barretta and Gene Barretta (henceforth known as the Barretta Bros.) appeared on the “Preston & Steve Radio Show” in Philadelphia. Luckily, since most of us (myself included) probably aren’t within listening range, the entire appearance is online! Take a listen for some Barretta Bros. fun!

As you’ll certainly remember, The Great Muppet Caper and Muppet Treasure Island are coming to Disney Blu-ray on December 10th. We’ve already seen the (lackluster) cover art for the dual release, but now, thanks to our friends at, we have information on the bonus features included! First of all, as expected, both films are restored and remastered for Blu-ray high definition, which is incredibly exciting. The “Classic Bonus Features” included are “The Tale of the Story Beyond the Tail” and “Muppet Treasure Island Audio Commentary.” The new bonus features include Frog-E-Oke sing-along, a rediscovered music video of “Let the Good Shine Out,” and an exclusive preview of Muppets Most Wanted. Some pretty exciting stuff there, but very little bonus content for The Great Muppet Caper which is insanely disappointing.

Last week our friends at found some artwork for some gorgeous potential Muppet figures designed by the talented Jim Valeri. On his website, Valeri says he designed the figures for a client but does not know the status of them or what they might be used for. However, judging by the stylistic designs, these figures certainly look like they would be a great addition to the recently released Disney video game/toy line Disney Infinity. Of course, nothing is confirmed, but they look like Disney Infinity figures to me, so perhaps come spring we’ll see Muppet figures! Check them all out below:

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

One thought on “News Update: September 6, 2013

  1. In another D*C session (I was there – still cleaning up my photos), Kathy Mullen did say that she'd played Mokey on 2 occasions after the show ended: The Muppet Family Christmas (which was done very soon after Fraggle Rock stopped production), and in the singing moments of Jim Henson's memorial.

    The D*C panels also included her husband, designer Michael Frith, who also talked about the movies and Dark Crystal as well as the Fraggles and the other puppeteers including Jerry.

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