Jim Henson: The Biography Now Available!

Jim Henson: The Biography
by Brian Jay Jones
Available now wherever books are sold

Ryan Dosier  I finished reading Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones over a month ago and this perfect piece of writing has been stuck in my brain ever since. After I finished the book I wrote up a “brief” review which I think expressed how I feel about the book pretty well. But now that Jim Henson: The Biography is finally available for purchase everywhere, I felt like I should say some more.
More than anything, I keep thinking that Jim Henson: The Biography is important. It is a necessary, enlightening, and amazing. Finally, Jim Henson’s entire story and legacy are given their proper due–500 pages worth. Not only that, but the book is funny, touching, loving, exposing, and unendingly interesting. It is virtually impossible for you to not find something in this book that is new information to you. I could write an entire article filled with things I didn’t know before reading this.
These are all reasons that you should go out and pick up a copy of Jim Henson: The Biography to read for yourself. There have been very few books or documents of any sort that truly capture everything that Jim Henson was–but Brian Jay Jones pulled it off. From Jim’s Civil War-era ancestors to his long lasting legacy, the book covers it all. Jim Henson’s life and career was one of the most impressive of the 20th century, but his story has never been told as fully as it is in Jim Henson: The Biography. Many of us can never know Jim Henson, but Jim Henson: The Biography is truly the next best thing.
Read our initial review for more thoughts on the book. Plus, read the entire prologue of the book for just a taste of the magnificent writing and storytelling that you will get when you buy the book. 
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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