Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: The Snowman

WMW Snowman

Today’s article was written by our good friend Mitchell Stein.


Performed by…Snowman
Richard Hunt

First appearance…
A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)

Most recent appearance…
Sesame Street “Elmo’s Got the Moves” music video (2011)

Best known role…
Fozzie’s holiday-themed comedy partner; a snowman

The Snowman first comes to life (literally) in A Muppet Family Christmas when Fozzie is outside his Ma’s farmhouse building a snowman. Once Fozzie finishes constructing this frozen fellow, he somehow comes to life during a rollicking and joke-filled rendition of the classic holiday song “Sleigh Ride.” In the song, the Snowman shows a deftness for comedy that really catches Fozzie’s attention.

After the song, Fozzie and the Snowman realize they both have the same sense of humor. The Snowman agrees to join Fozzie ash is comedy partner. The newly formed duo move inside to Emily Bear’s farmhouse to entertain her many, many house guests. The Snowman rolls with Fozzie’s act–even as Statler and Waldorf constantly heckle them. Unfortunately, the heat in the farmhouse is too much for the poor Snowman, who starts to melt on the floor.

The last we see of the Snowman in A Muppet Family Christmas is during the carol sing at the end. The Snowman is happily singing “Caroling, Caroling” outside with the other forest animals (and inexplicable penguins). The Snowman makes a return cameo appearance in The Muppet Christmas Carol during the song “It Feels Like Christmas.” The Snowman tries to dance… but his head falls off. The Snowman’s most recent appearance was on Sesame Street in 2011, when he appeared dancing along with Elmo in the song “Elmo’s Got the Moves.”

Above all, the Snowman is known for having very good harmony for a Snoo-Man.

Nothin’s a’snoo, man! What’s a’snoo with you?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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