Muppets Most Wanted "Outrage" TV Spot Breakdown

Ryan Dosier – On Sunday night during the Golden Globes, Muppets Most Wanted debuted its latest TV spot which featured over 20 new shots from the film. If you haven’t watched the TV spot yet, check it out before continuing below. Today I’m going to showcase our shot-by-shot breakdown of the commercial. As always, SPOILERS BELOW.

 Say what you will about Constantine, but the guy knows how to wear a suit.

It should be noted that Nadya (Tina Fey) is shouting “Kermiiiiiiiit!” here. Methinks she might be smitten with our favorite frog.

I can already tell that this number with the white and gold tuxedoes is going to be my favorite number. (And secretly I already know what it is…)

Oof! Animal is really getting into Disney’s Frozen.

Yikes! Looks like Fozzie, Walter, and Animal (I think) are stuck in a really bad storm. Or Fozzie just has really bad dandruff.

This is the shot that makes me most excited! A look at the wedding crowd! WOW! Muppet Wiki already has a great rundown of the seating chart, but I spy Newsman, Quongo gorilla, Strangepork, and Mahna Mahna.

Gotta love Muppets in winter clothes.

Looks like Sam and Ty Burrell are going to get a song! And poor Fozzie will be interrogated?

Petition to have Gonzo wear this every day?

There’s Ray Liotta, Danny Trejo, and Jemaine Clement! And is that Constantine or Kermit? I really can’t tell anymore.

Ooh, Pepe seems to have a solo in one of the songs.

Poor, poor Beaker.

Amazing. I hope there’s a lot of Floyd in this movie.

 Great to see the Rats again. I spy Bubba back there!

 The number of outfits for Miss Piggy in this film is going to be just as outrageous as in The Muppets. Also… FOO-FOO!

If you can’t tell… that’s two-time Oscar-winner Christophe Waltz dancing the Waltz with Sweetums. I love this movie.

And apparently Sweetums is in drag. AMAZING. Also, Newsman dancing with Annie Sue, Wayne and Wanda, and Link and someone else. Is this an “At the Dance” parody? Awesome.

 Constantine has got the moves, man.

Remember what I said about this number being my favorite? Yeah. That.

So, so glad Gonzo has a line in this commercial.

Also so glad Rowlf has a line.

And there you have it! If you’re not excited for Muppets Most Wanted… I don’t know what to say to you. March 21st really, really can’t come fast enough.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “Muppets Most Wanted "Outrage" TV Spot Breakdown

  1. I am excited so to see constantine because hes my favourite now because I love kermit but he shorter than kermit like i am so I love him already. Also christopher tango! FINALLY IN A MUPPET MOVIE!

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Looking at the wedding scene picture, Is that The Swedish Chef with a Black hat on? Have we ever seen him in a different colored hat?

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