Muppets Most Wanted "Game Day" TV Spot Breakdown

Ryan Dosier – On Super Bowl Sunday, Disney debuted another TV spot for Muppets Most Wanted during the pre-game show, and then released an extended version of the spot online. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should watch it… so here it is!

As you can see, there’s a whole lot going on in this spot. So much so, in fact, that we’ve decided (because Jarrod Fairclough demanded) it deserves one of our handy breakdowns! This time we’re only breaking down shots that have not been seen before.

Tina Fey and her Russian police force at the Tower of London?! “Arrest that frog!”?! Is she calling for Kermit or Constantine? Such excitement.

Is Piggy super excited or super scared? Either way, she looks good doing it.

Great to see Bunsen and Beaker get something to do in Muppets Most Wanted after being mostly shafted in The Muppets. Also, 80s Robot is perfect with them. That’s brilliant.

I’m willing to bet we won’t see this (obviously green-screen) shot of Statler and Waldorf in the film. However, the building behind them is Los Angeles Union Station, which may or may not feature heavily in the opening of the film…

Constantine’s Kermit impersonation is getting really good!

Ahh! The classic double pretending to be a mirror gag. This already looks hilarious. I’m all for it.

Is this the first time Janice and Pepe have been in the same shot together? Also, how rare is it that we get to hear Janice speak with a featured line these days? Rully exciting.

Okay, this shot… I literally have no idea what’s going on here. Yes, we know Kermit is thrown in the Russian prison, but why are Piggy and Constantine there? And why are they all doing a musical number? And why is there a giant block of ice crammed with Muppets in the way back? I have noidea what’s going on here, but I love it.

Look, there’s Ray Liotta, Jemaine Clement, Danny Trejo, and our friend Hornswoggle in the front row! I don’t recognize any of the guys in back… should I?

Beautiful shot of the European countryside! This shot is just so… cinematic!

Ah, a pig in London in the spring…

Aww, Constantine is kinda cute when he’s not trying to kill you.

I love Camilla’s outfit. And the little rose on Gonzo’s lapel. Plus, it’s always such a joy to appreciate the fact that Annie Sue is there and her ridiculous Pippa Middleton hat.

I was on set when they filmed this!!! This was probably at about 2am on Hollywood Boulevard. No, that’s not green screen, and yes, that’s a real tumbleweed.

There you have it! Has your excitement level for the movie peaked yet? Mine’s nearing the top…

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

5 thoughts on “Muppets Most Wanted "Game Day" TV Spot Breakdown

  1. “Looks like Miss Piggy actually did get to go to France this time! (Or that's just really, really good green screen.)”

    Or … that's London.

  2. Call me kooky, call me crazy, but is that the Guru/Brewster on the ice wall next to Beauregard? Maybe I'm seeing things, or maybe its Pops.. but it looks like the Guru to me.

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