News Update: February 16, 2014

JANUARY 16, 2014

Miss Piggy and the Muppets will be offering up their talents to home-shopping channel QVC next month in connection with both Muppets Most Wanted and “Miss Piggy’s Haute Tote,” a tote bag designed by the divine swine herself. Miss Piggy will be on QVC’s Red Carpet Style event on February 28 at 9:00pm to exclusively debut her tote bag. But that’s not all, because on March 16th, the Muppets (it’s unclear which ones) will appear on QVC throughout the day to promote the movie, sell stuff, and probably wreak havoc. For more information, including a chance to enter to win a trip to the Muppets Most Wanted World Premiere, visit the QVC website.

Speaking of our favorite porcine princess, Miss Piggy received some major news this week with the reveal of her brand new wedding dress, which will be featured in Muppets Most Wanted. The dress was designed by beloved designer Vivienne Westwood. The dress is made entirely from recycled water bottles. You can learn more about the dress details and read a brief interview with Piggy and Westwood on Harper’s Bazaar. Check out the dress below, and join us in speculating who Piggy will walk down the aisle with in Muppets Most Wanted.

Our friends at Sesame Street won the internet this week with the release of a new cell phone game: Flappy Bert. The game is based off of Flappy Bird, an addicting and challenging game released last week that was subsequently taken down by the developer. This led to a slew of rip-off games, but many people have agreed that Flappy Bert is the best of the lot. Plus, the game features the voice of Frank Oz, which is crazy in itself. You can play the game here:

The Jim Henson Company has a new animated kid’s show, Doozers, all about the little green working creatures from Fraggle Rock. Doozers will arrive with a 52-episode debut on Hulu starting April 25th. Jim Henson Company CEO Lisa Henson said, “Our pod squad is right at home with Hulu Kids, because Hulu is a company of builders and innovators like the Doozers, and because kids can learn from and spend time with these characters on-demand like never before.” For more information on the new series, check out The Hollywood Reporter‘s report.

A whole bunch of exciting merchandise for Muppets Most Wanted is arriving in the coming months. Our friends at Muppet Stuff (who just started an awesome new website) shared a number of the new things coming up, including a talking Kermit plush, Kermit shoes (see right), OPI nail polish, and more. Not mentioned in the post are Muppet puppets coming to Toys R Us and FAO Shwartz, plush at Walgreens, and a number of other awesome things. Hope you’ve been saving your money, Muppet fans!

The Muppets are appearing in a new promotion for Subway restaurants coinciding with Muppets Most Wanted. Check out their new commercial, featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy, The Swedish Chef, and Subway’s Jared below!

Earlier this week, a new Valentine’s Day-themed spot for Muppets Most Wanted debuted online. The spot features lots of Tina Fey‘s Nadya character expressing her undying love for Kermit. I laughed. Multiple times. Watch it below.

Yet another promo for the movie debuted last night during the Winter Olympics and appeared online immediately afterwards. The Twitter review aspect of the commercials have reached their peak with this one. Watch below…

We close this week on a very sad note. John Henson, son of Jim and Jane Henson and performer of Sweetums from the late 80s to the early 2000s, passed away Friday night at age 48. The Jim Henson Company confirmed John’s passing on Saturday and we join the rest of the Muppet community in sending our thoughts to his family and friends. John was a wonderful talent, a partner of The Jim Henson Company, and is remembered as a kind, generous, and thoughtful person. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, John. You will be missed.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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