Muppets Most Wanted TV Spots Breakdown, Part 1

Ryan Dosier over the past week (and some of last week), Disney has released a slew of new TV spots for Muppets Most Wanted. These new spots are so jam-packed with new scenes from the movie that we decided they deserved one of our famous Muppet Mindset shot-by-shot Breakdowns! That was until we found a total of 50 never-before-seen shots in these spots… so the spots deserve two breakdowns! Let’s get started with the first, shall we?

Shots from “America’s Favorite Frog” TV Spot

Constantine mugging the camera (I assume) during the song “I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu).” I love his outfit here and the set is fantastic.

Looks like Constantine is finding out that being Kermit isn’t as easy as he thought.

This is either the funniest or the most dramatic picture I’ve ever seen. Either way, amazing.

Constantine has eyelids!! Also an extremely fantastic shot.

 This is Sam’s traditional response to a rubber chicken.

 Now there’s the Kermit we know and love!

I really, really love that Fozzie and Walter are (seemingly) paired up so much in this. What a great team.

I know we’ve seen this scene in a trailer before, but I paused the video here and it was too perfect not to grab it while I could.

Shots from “More Muppets” TV Spot

Oh my gosh this is amazing.

So. Much. Awesome. Scooter’s prominent role in this movie is insane.

The guards won’t let Sam in. Poor Sam.

Piggy’s hair and necklace are so unique. Also… Floyd is near to Foo-Foo so now I’m holding my breath that they have some sort of interaction.

I love this shot so much. Look how wide Gonzo’s mouth is!!

Perfect facial expression.

Okay. This shot. This was so insane and unreal that I had to learn how to make animated GIFs just so I could have a GIF of this. This movie is elevating puppetry to massive heights.

Whatcha doin’, Sammy?

Again, we’ve seen this shot before, but I accidentally paused on this and it was too perfect not to grab. Welcome to my nightmares!

Shot of Piggy in her wedding dress in the movie!! Look at that church! AHHHH!!!

Kermit or Constantine? The eternal question.

Shots from “Confusing Plot” TV Spot

Kermit is a little disturbed by the Gulag food. Don’t let Lew Zealand see this…

This is definitely Constantine. Right?

First of all: BEAUREGARD. Second of all, aww, he’s having such a great–

–WHOA! PIGEON. I laughed so hard at this. I’m still laughing at this. Poor Bo.

Amazing shot. You really can’t beat these group shots of these gorgeous characters.

Imagine waking up to THIS in the morning!

Look at all those wonderful mariachi outfits! Arriba!

The cinematic nature of this movie is seriously unreal. Without a doubt the most action-packed Muppet movie ever.

Is that the–Yup. It’s the weird little monster who sings “You Are My Sunshine” during “Hugga Wugga” on The Muppet Show. Unbelievable.

Christoph Waltzes while Crazy Harry bombs. Also, Janice is playing clarinet, Floyd is playing some sort of tuba, and Rowlf is playing accordion? Awesome.

That’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for shots from the “Winter Games,” “Two Women,” and “Right Now” TV spots!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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