Muppets Most Wanted TV Spots Breakdown, Part 2

Ryan Dosier – We’re back with coverage of the two remaining Muppets Most Wanted TV Spots that our breakdown yesterday didn’t get to. Here we go!

Shots from “Two Women” TV Spot

Poor Kermit has rarely looked this sad. I would be too if I was getting arrested again!

And Tina Fey has never looked so crazy.

If you look closely, you can see Annie Sue again in the back by Scooter and Sweetums.

You can almost hear Constantine saying, “What is up girl? You are the only one for mean.”

This is amazing and so funny. I love, love that Nadya is in love with and obsessed with Kermit. Makes me very happy.

Hey! How did Nadya get into my room?!

Shots from “Right Now” TV Spot

Can I just acknowledge how insane this movie is going to be? It’s so beautifully weird.

Honestly if you told me this shot was from 1979, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

 Turns out Dominic is an accomplished ice skater!

Gratuitous Muppet Show arches shot. Hi, Wanda!

Again… how is this not just a deleted scene from The Muppet Show?

When I saw this I literally yelped.

Oh, look, Beaker learned to translate his thoughts to subtitles!

My thoughts exactly, seemingly random Twitter user.

I like to pretend that the words from the Twitter people at the bottom are what Ty Burrell is saying.

I’m wondering if this is real too, Twitter friend. In this shot alone we see Link Hogthrob, Wanda, and Beauregard. In 2014. How can it be real?!

Yes, Fozzie, you’ll always be real to me.

Shots from “Winter Games” TV Spot

This is crazy. This is the amount of extras and production value the culled together for the Tower of London scenes. Incredible!!

“Thanks for not shooting me!”

“No problem, Keer-mit!” Oh my gosh, I love Stanley Tucci.

And there ya go! Hope this tides you over until the next time we have six new TV spots…

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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