What Do the Muppets Mean to Marcelo Botaro?

Marcelo Botaro – Words cannot describe how much I love The Muppets, so I’ll share my essay I wrote from when I was in sixth grade.

My Hero

My hero is really heroes, and my heroes are The Muppets. I know that these are just puppets I’m talking about but as a huge Muppet fan they have been a major part of my life, they taught me how to read, count, love my friends and family, and how to always have a great time.

Whenever I’m sad, angry, or just need a laugh, I play an old classic Muppet commercial or I watch one of my favorite Muppet Show episodes and movies and whether it’s Gonzo with a funny stunt, Fozzie Bear’s jokes, or the Swedish Chef making another dish The Muppets always make me laugh in the end.

It doesn’t matter if I watch a classic Muppet movie, show or if I watch something new from Sesame Street, The Muppets have always made all the difference growing up. Also the work of such talented performers that take the role of these characters after a passing or when an old performer retires, the new performers know how to get the characters rolws right away and it always stays strong and fresh.

I can’t really say Kermit’s my hero or Gonzo or Fozzie, Miss Piggy or Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem, but as what The Muppets can do together as a team and as a family males them great, talented and what makes them my heroes.

I’ve seen each of the Muppet films over and over again and they always leave a huge smile on my face and warm up my heart because they always know how to bring joy and happiness to me. My favorite film that actually made me cry and I’ve seen every year is The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s is one of my favorite novels and for the Muppets to make a movie based on it was a joy to watch for the holiday season.

My favorite songs from the Muppets are always Rainbow Connection and When the River Meets the Sea, which I would love to sing with the Muppets. (With the Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock and any other Henson characters)

Growing up I always loved the Muppets, but I grew up in the era where everyone felt they were too old for them, but I did not. Yes, I was made fun of for drawing the Muppets in my sketch book or made some random doodles of my own Muppet creations and monsters, but deep in my heart I loved them because they were a part of my nostalgia and I knew that deep down I felt like a Muppet myself.

But the man behind my heroes is my idol Jim Henson. This man took the puppet world of marionettes and turned puppets into fleece and foam masterpieces which the world can agree with me on. And if it wasn’t for Jim, their would not be any other puppet performers to this day like myself. Not only do I thank Jim for inspiring my puppetry, but also for cartoon characters I’ve created. I give Jim Henson thanks for the magic that I have loved for years.

I’d like not only to meet the Muppets one day, but to also get to work with them. To finally be working with one of Jim Henson’s most popular creations… it would be a childhood wish come true.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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