Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Humphrey & Ingrid

Written by Mike Baldasare and Ryan Dosier.


Performed by…
David Rudman (Humphrey)
Joey Mazzarino (Ingrid)

First appearance…
Humphrey – Sesame Street Season 22 (1990)
Ingrid – Sesame Street Season 25 (1994)

Most recent appearance…
Humphrey – Sesame Street Season 35: Episode 4059 (2004)
Ingrid – Sesame Street Season 32: Episode 3955 (2001)

Best known role(s)…
Doting, dopey parents of Baby Natasha; husband and wife


Humphrey and Ingrid are slow-witted but parents of Baby Natasha, they are also a happily married couple. The duo were named after Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, stars of Casablanca. Humphrey and Ingrid worked at the Furry Arms Hotel during the “Around the Corner” seasons. Humphrey was proceeded on the show by Baby Natasha by a few seasons. It wasn’t until Season 22, when Humphrey was introduced as Natasha’s father. In his earliest known appearance on Sesame Street, Humphrey asked Maria to babysit Natasha while he has to go to the store.

Humphrey, Ingrid, and Baby Natasha appeared in many segments together, mostly prominent in the 1990s. Humphrey and Ingrid performed a number of songs together on Sesame Street, including “Natasha’s Lullaby,” which Humphrey sang to Natasha before bed and “Oh, Look What Our Baby Can Do,” which Humphrey and Ingrid both sang, showcasing Natasha’s many talents. A number of street stories, especially during the “Around the Corner” years, focused on Humphrey and Ingird taking care of Natasha, showing off her talents, or helping her learn new things.

When “Around the Corner” came to an end during Season 30 (1998-1999), Humphrey and Ingrid continued taking care of Natasha, but in much less frequent appearances. When Sesame Street changed its format during Season 33 (2002), they both rarely appeared in street stories while Natasha returned to being a solo character again. After 2001, Ingrid was not seen in any prominent capacity again. Humphrey most recently appeared on the show in Season 35: Episode 4059 (2004), where he reports the results of a porridge survey for Monster News.

Like most fan-favorite Muppet characters of Sesame Street, Humphrey, Ingrid, and Baby Natasha have been phased out of the show. It would be nice to see this loving and colorful monster family continue to make appearances in future episodes. The trio represents a loving, if silly, family relationship, which is important for kids to see.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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