News Update: August 28, 2014

71846-mmnewsAUGUST 28, 2014

The Muppet Mindset (Ryan Dosier and Dan Shick) took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend, after being challenged by our friends Dave Hulteen, Max Jessop, and Scott Murray. It was cold, but we were happy to bring awareness and donate to a good cause. We’re still waiting on Miss Piggy, Walter, and Pepe to accept our challenge. Watch the video below!

Not to be outdone by us, Muppets Most Wanted star Tina Fey took Kermit the Frog’s challenge and participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as well. Tina’s is probably the funniest of these videos I’ve seen yet. See for yourself…

Bvx_NwSIcAAchMZOver the weekend, Constantine appeared live at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of their “Villains Unleased” special event. For hours, Matt Vogel performed Constantine live as he interacted with park guests from behind bars. The line to meet the World’s Most Dangerous Frog was reportedly boasted over a three hour wait time. Everyone who waited, however, said the experience was incredibly worth the wait. Kudos to Matt Vogel for performing for so long and bringing happiness to so many folks! Below is video of Constantine at the park interacting with guests.

Over at the blog MuppetHub, our good friend JD Hansel wrote a great little article to help celebrate The Muppet Mindset’s fifth anniversary this week. The article, 15 Things To See On The Muppet Mindset, is a great collection of some of my favorite articles we’ve featured. But with over 1600 to choose from, it’s no easy task picking just 15.

Finally, perhaps my favorite piece of news in awhile, Frank Oz sat down with “In Confidence” for a 42-minute interview, covering almost every aspect of his storied career. This is one of the most honest, interesting, and meaningful interviews I’ve ever seen Frank deliver and it is an absolute must watch. Don’t miss this.



The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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