Missed Muppet Merch – The World of Jim Henson

Jarrod Fairclough – My friends, I’ve had an idea… An idea so good that your brains might explode with the idea of just how awesome this idea is. An idea so good, you’d be willing to forgive that I just wrote a sentence with the word ‘idea’ in it three times. I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I may have just won the internet with my idea… A Muppet video game.

*Drops the mic*

*Picks up the mic*

muppet-monster-adventureAlright, I know it’s been done many times. In fact Muppet videogames have been around for over 30 years, from the 1983 Atari game “Miss Piggy’s Wedding” to the much more recent “My Muppets Show” phone app. I’ve been a big fan of these games. When I was younger, I would play the Muppet Treasure Island game every Saturday morning. I could knock that thing out in an hour. I loved “Muppet Monster Adventure” as well. The soundtrack to that game was sublime, and I still sing Robin’s song “I Will Survive” (no, no that one) to myself quite often.

sesame-street-video-game-300x178Sesame Street has put out loads of educational games, about sharing, and waiting your turn, and the number 3. They even made a fantastic special based around video games, “Elmo’s Alphabet Adventure.” There have been Labyrinth games, Farscape games, Dark Crystal games, all of which are probably enjoyable in their own right. And yet I want more out of my Muppet videogames, because I’m greedy. But what? What would my perfect Muppet based videogame be? And then it hit me. “The Worlds of Jim Henson” In a nutshell, various characters from all of Jim Henson’s worlds run around these worlds, completing challenges, winning coins, and interacting like we’ve never seen them interact before.

61272-jimmuppets30thI mean, think about it. Imagine Floyd Pepper running through the Labyrinth. Gobo Fraggle climbing the Muppet Ladder to stop Constantine. A Skesis getting advice from Marjory the Trash Heap. Tell me this wouldn’t blow your minds! But how exactly would this work, you may ask? Well, over the last few months that I’ve had this idea, I’ve managed to create somewhat of a storyline, and figured out how these characters would slot in.

In another experiment gone horribly wrong, Dr Bunsen Honeydew has accidentally transported Beaker to another world. The only problem is that he isn’t sure which one. It’s up to us to travel through all the different worlds in the hunt for Beaker. We start with one single playable character, Kermit the Frog. He arrives at the game Hub, Sesame Street. Unfortunately Sesame Street characters wouldn’t be playable, as I’m not sure Sesame Workshop would want their characters in scary situations or fighting villains. But that’s okay, because these guys are our guides for the Hub. You can save your game at Big Bird’s nest. You can connect and play with friends through Ernie and Bert’s apartment. You can buy items in Hoopers Store. You want to delete something? It goes right in to Oscar’s trash can.

unnamedKermit then gets transported to a world by none other than The Amazing Mumford. He’s in The Muppet Show, and in this world we have to do loads of different challenges whilst trying to find Beaker. For every challenge the player completes, another character from that world is unlocked. Once a character is available, the player can immediately play as them. Each character has their own unique abilities. Kermit can jump, Fozzie puts enemies to sleep, Gonzo fires a cannon at them. I’m not sure what Miss Piggy’s special move would be…

71fKXaNHLtL._SL500_AA300_Players can enter through the Muppet Theatre’s dressing rooms various other challenges inspired by their films. Perhaps a pirate level inspired by Treasure Island, or an epic crime caper against new criminal team Constantine and Nicky Holiday. Once this world is done, the player returns to Sesame Street, and is then transported to another world. This time? Fraggle Rock. The player meets Gobo, who is immediately available to play as. They can explore the rock, meeting all the Fraggle characters, running away from the Gorgs, building things as the Doozers. Imagine a level where you have to thump a Fraggle as Junior, or a level where you have to get the mail? Okay, that last part sounded boring, but not when you have the threat of Sprocket getting you.

I’m not going to go through world by world what the game could entail. That would just bore you, and to be honest, I haven’t fully thought it all through. But imagine a fully comprehensive video game with all the characters you know and love, interacting and playing with each other? And the best part is this: You can play as any character at any time. It doesn’t matter if you’re Ludo traipsing around Fraggle Rock or Janice dodging flying pots and pans in the world of Dinosaurs. The game would be huge. Kids would love it, and parents would get caught up in the nostalgia of it all.

1ff8e-jimmuppetsThere would be so much to do that any gamer would appreciate it. Racing Oscar’s Sloppy Jalopy against The Electric Mayhem Bus, Le Maximum and a Doozer. Solving puzzles in the Labyrinth as Beauregard. Imagine the pairings in co-op mode! I’d advise against putting Wembley with Rizzo though, you’ll have trouble figuring out who’s saying what. If any of the right people are reading, please consider something like this. What a great way to celebrate a man who bought us all together, by bringing all of his worlds together. And now I’m sad, because this will probably never happen. And now so are you. Still, sounds pretty fun, eh?

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