Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Wrench Doozer

WMW Wrench DoozerWritten by Abigail Maughan.


WrenchPerformed by…
Dave Goelz

First appearance…
Fraggle Rock Episode 208: “All Work and All Play” (1984)

Most recent appearance…
Fraggle Rock Episode 509: “Ring Around the Rock” (1987)

Best known role…
Cotterpin’s timid best friend

Memorable quote…
“Big deal! What’s so special about wanting to see what’s around a corner? I think it’s really dumb… Gee, I wonder what’s around this corner?”

0WHO IS WRENCH DOOZER?Wrench is just your average Doozer worker, and he’s happy with that. Sporting feathery brown hair, he chose the more traditional Doozer career pathway as a builder, as opposed to his rebellious best friend Cotterpin. He is firmly against change, risk, and abnormalities of any kind.

222Wrench’s biggest episode was Season Two’s “Doozer Is as Doozer Does,” in which he battled peer pressure inflicted on him by Turbo Doozer and the other unruly members of his work team. They convince him that “flooping” (jumping up and down on a pogo stick) is the only way to be “rev” (Doozer slang for “cool”). Wrench gives in and briefly suffers the consequences: hiccups, a case of which is dangerous to Doozers and their delicate constructions. The experience gives him the courage to refuse to do it again, making him the only one unaffected by hiccups when the team is repairing under the Doozer Dome. When the Dome collapses, Wrench is able to come to the rescue. The other Doozers realize their foolishness and nastiness, and apologize to Wrench.

503In “The Voice Inside,” from the final season, Wrench accidentally joins Gobo Fraggle and Sprocket on an expedition to Gray Rock Ridge. After easing up to the idea of exploring and singing along to “Traveling Free,” disaster strikes in the form of a dust storm. Wrench plays his part in saving the day by alerting his comrades of the nearby cliff edge, and is repaid by Sprocket digging him out of an avalanche of Honey Smacks cereal.

FraggleRock-509-Ring08He was also one of the Doozers eaten and later regurgitated by the mysterious Glob creature in “Boober and the Glob.” In “Ring Around the Rock,” he played a part in the transportation of Ma Gorg’s wedding ring throughout Fraggle Rock. In “The Doozer Contest,” he and Cotterpin got into a fight over whose parent’s Doozer Stick flavoring was better. Cotterpin, seen later with bandages and a broken antenna, implies that Wrench lost, and badly.

Wrench, in a different way than the atypical Cotterpin, gives us an idea of what most young Doozers’ lives and problems are like. Together, the two help us further understand one of the principal species of the incredibly complex ecosystem that is Fraggle Rock.


The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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