The Muppets Predict the Oscar Winners – 2015

Ryan Dosier – For the past few years here on The Muppet Mindset, we’ve recruited the Muppets to send in their predictions for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. So, ahead of tomorrow’s Oscars telecast, we proudly present the Muppets’ Best Picture predictions!


Pops chose Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel to win. He greatly admired the hotel upkeep throughout the film but found himself wondering where the rat bellhops were.


Walter loved the 12-year epic Boyhood, saying he loved the way the film played out over a real-life 12 year period. He also said he and Jason Segel did the same thing for the opening of The Muppets.


Unsurprisingly, Sam Eagle adored American Sniper. (Actually, he hasn’t even seen it, but he saw the word American and assured us it was the best film ever made.)


Gonzo the Great loved Birdman and said he and Michael Keaton have a lot in common. After all, Gonzo’s a bird-man too (and a leg man).


Fozzie Bear professed his love for The Imitation Game, saying that Benedict Cumberbatch was a great imitation of a real name. (Wocka! Wocka!)


After a series of growls and unintelligible shouts, Animal chose Whiplash, mostly for the drums. Interestingly, Statler and Waldorf also loved this film, mentioning how much they idolized J.K. Simmons’ performance.


Rizzo the Rat was a big fan of Selma because rats are always discriminated against–and because he’s the only one willing to take a picture of his back.


Dr. Bunsen Honeydew assured us that he and his assistant Beaker positively adored the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. But I’m pretty sure Beaker mumbled something about The LEGO Movie

Well there you have it, Muppet fans! Which film are you rooting for? Sound off in the comments!

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