Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Louie (Elmo’s Dad)

WMW Louie

Written by Ryan Dosier.


Performed by…
Bill Barretta

First appearance…
Sesame Beginnings 

Most recent appearance…
Little Children, Big Challenges (2013)

Best known role…
Elmo’s dad

Elmo_dad450Louie is the father of Elmo, appearing alongside his son in numerous Sesame Street specials and clips. Louie is married to Elmo’s mother, Mae. Louie is best known for his appearances in the Sesame Street outreach program specials including the Talk, Listen, Connect series. In the first installment of the series, Deployments, it is revealed that Louie is deployed in the army and Elmo struggles when he is away, but Mae helps him get through the hard times until Louie returns home.

Character.elmosdadLouie first appeared in the Sesame Beginnings home video series, sporting a mustache and caring for Baby Elmo with the other Sesame parents. Louie is a stay-at-home dad and makes Baby Elmo’s days joyful and fun. Louie plays the saxophone, which inspires him to start a baby band with Baby Elmo and the other Sesame character babies. Louie appeared in the Sesame Beginnings installments Beginning TogetherMake Music TogetherExploring Together, and Moving Together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.07.29 AMMost of Louie’s appearances occurred outside of Sesame Street the television show in specials or home video releases. One of the few times that Louie appeared on Sesame Street was in the “Elmo’s Riding” song, helping Elmo to ride his tricycle. Louie’s other appearances include Elmo’s Potty TimeHappy, Healthy, Ready for School: Learning is EverywhereBedtime With ElmoFamilies Stand TogetherWhen Families Grieve, and Little Children, Big Challenges.

Louie is one of the few prominent Muppet parents and caregivers shown on Sesame Street, standing alongside Grover’s mom and Big Bird’s Granny Bird. Louie represents a wonderful parental bond with Elmo and gives him depth and helps him learn. Louie is also the only main Muppet character performed by Bill Barretta on Sesame Street, which is always a plus.



The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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