REVIEW: The Best of Elmo 3

1000528811DVDFLT_59e18168Ryan Dosier – Today Sesame Workshop and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released their new compilation DVD, The Best of Elmo 3. The new collection features over two hours of content, split between the “feature” presentation and the delicious bonus features. The clips included almost entirely feature Elmo in many of his popular modern day appearances, from Season 38 (2007) to Season 45 (2015).

I had not seen a lot of the clips included, which was really surprising and wonderful. One such moment was Elmo singing “One Small Voice” as he strolled down Sesame Street. I don’t know when it was from, but it was simple and delightful. The DVD does a great job of also including the other Sesame Street characters in the clips. Big Bird and Abby Cadabby are featured numerous times, and Cookie Monster, the Count, and Rosita are featured prominently at least once. The other Sesame characters (Grover, Telly, Oscar, etc.) all make group appearances as well.

ElmoAbby-ICanSingA lot of the clips (actually, most of them) feature celebrities, which makes for a nice collection of celebrity moments with Elmo. It does get a little annoying at times to have yet another celebrity teaching or singing with Elmo, especially when there are so many great non-celebrity segments featuring Elmo. A surprising amount of the clips come from Season 45, including Taye Diggs and Elmo singing “Let’s Go Driving,” the “Snazzy Shuffle” featuring Segi, Big Bird, Abby, and Elmo, and the adorable new Sesame Street Alphabet Song.

AnnualSesameWorkshopBenefitGala-2013What this set does incredibly well is showcase how brilliantly Ryan Dillon has been performing Elmo after Kevin Clash’s departure. The DVD features both of their performances prominently, sometimes one after the other, and it’s almost impossible to recognize any difference. It’s really incredible and shows just how flawless Ryan Dillon is with Elmo. A truly outstanding showcase for two truly outstanding performers.

6a5b8-elmomovesOne minor annoyance is that you can’t skip in between individual clips while your’e watching the program. You can select them from the main menu, but it would’ve been nice to be able to skip individual segments, rather than a big group of them at once. Another slight problem is that quite a few of these segments are included on other Sesame Street DVDs, but that’s too be expected these days. Thankfully, a lot of these clips are either really new or relatively uncommon (at least to me).

The included bonus features are the full length feature Elmo and Abby’s Birthday Fun! and the really delightful “Furry Red Monster Parade” street story from Season 35. These bonus features are quite hefty for a Sesame DVD release, so that’s really nice to see. It adds yet another reason to own this collection.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend The Best of Elmo 3 to fans of modern Sesame Street as well as kids, who are bound to be dazzled by Elmo’s undeniable charm. The set doesn’t have anything appealing to fans of classic eras of the show, but it’s called The Best of Elmo 3, so I don’t know why you would expect it to. It’s a lot of fun with some great clips selected throughout.


4/5 Furry Red Monsters

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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