April Fool’s 2015: The New Mindsets

The following is a collection of our 2015 April Fool’s Day posts…

Mindset Mindset

All is all. Is is. The unqualified success of our many Mindset spin-off sites have led us to one conclusion: We need a Mindset spin-off site for fans of the Mindset spin-off sites. The Mindset Mindset is your go-to Mindset for all things Mindset! MINDSET!!!

Visit The Mindset Mindset today!

Mandy Moore mindset

Alright, this is just getting ridiculous.

Visit The Mandy Moore Mindset today!

Marmoset Mindset

Oo-oo-ah! Ahh-ah!!! (other generic monkey sounds)

Visit The Marmoset Mindset today!

Matlock Mindset

I object! But no, not really, because The Matlock Mindset is going to be amazing. Trust me.

Visit The Matlock Mindset today!

Macaroni Mindset

Hope you’re hungry, pasta fans! Because we’ve cooked up The Macaroni Mindset just for you! Find out which macaroni makes the best dish and why our favorite pasta is so much more than just mac ‘n’ cheese.

Visit The Macaroni Mindset today!

Monopoly Mindset

Looks like you rolled doubles, passed Go!, and get to collect $200! The Monopoly Mindset is game, are you? Find out everything you’ve never wanted to know about Parker Brothers’ most greed-inducing and relationship-ruining board game! At The Monopoly Mindset we’ll bring you Weekly Monopoly Wednesdays, fan articles about favorite games played, and much, much more!

Visit The Monopoly Mindset today!

Mario Mindset

It’s’a here! The Mario Mindset! Woo-hoo! The latest Mindset spin-off site has leveled up! Get ready for a blog about all-things Nintendo. After the rampant success of The Marvel Mindset, we knew this had to be our next venture! So rev up your Mario Kart, smash your brother, and Poke your mon–it’s time to get into The Mario Mindset!

Visit The Mario Mindset today!

Marvel Mindset

Welcome True Believers to the unveiling of the latest Mindset spin-off site: The Marvel Mindset! In our efforts to cover the ever-impressive world of entertainment with weirdly-specific niche sites, we’ve assembled to launch our foray into the world of Marvel! We’ll be tackling comics, films, fashion lines, toys, Doritos bags, in-depth discussions of Squirrel Girl, and much, much more.

Visit The Marvel Mindset today!

One thought on “April Fool’s 2015: The New Mindsets

  1. Wish that Mario Mindset was really happening. I need another great fan site to my favorite video game company. Plus, I miss Nintendo Power.

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