Memba This?

Memba This

A while ago our friends over at CONAN started a regular sketch called ‘Memba This?‘, where Andy Richter would point to pop culture references from the ages.  That gave us the idea to do the same here, and point to old Muppet videos that you may not re-‘memba’!
Click on the image to open the video!

Memba This 2
Don’t Forget To Watch The Movie

In this video from 1996, the Muppets of Sesame Street explain the rules of the movie theatre, such as ‘Don’t talk’, ‘Don’t smoke’, and ‘Don’t dance with a bear’.
Unfortunately a better quality version of this video has never been made public, which is a real shame.  If re-filmed (not even rerecorded) this video would be great in front of any Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks animated film.

Memba This 3
A Brief History of Motion Pictures

Along the same lines as ‘Don’t Forget To Watch The Movie’ is this hilarious video about the history of film.  Introduced by Cookie Monster and starring Grover and Fred The Wonder Horse, it takes us from silent films to special effects, including a fantastic tornado with Muppet eyes.  Again, in high quality this video could be released without the need for reshoots of any kind.  In this quality it can be difficult to see the various films / characters represented, but Muppet Wiki have a great article listing them all.
Fun fact: This video appeared before Elmo in Grouchland and some copies of Muppets From Space.

Memba This 4
We Are Family

In 2002 the very worthy ‘We Are Family Foundation’ released a video on Nickelodeon, PBS and The Disney Channel of a multiple of children/family characters singing along to ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge.  Among those in the video are characters from Sesame Street, The Muppets and Bear In The Big Blue House.  The Count is given a featured part, and we’re also treated to appearances by Dr Teeth (being performed by John Kennedy), Floyd, some penguins and Miss Piggy attacking Diana Ross.  It’s a fun video that I’d never actually seen before.

So there’s just some videos that you may not re-‘memba’.  If you have any videos you’d like to feature in another ‘Memba This?’, please drop me a line at
My thanks to the good people at Team Coco for not suing me for using their bit.


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