REVIEW: Elmo The Musical – Volume 2: Imagine and Learn

Ray Dinrose – The newest DVD release from Sesame Street and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment turns the spotlight back on to “Elmo The Musical,” the wonderful, relatively new segment that replaced “Elmo’s World” in recent Sesame Street seasons. The DVD features a ton of great content in the form of “Elmo The Musical” segments including “Guacamole the Musical,” “Repair Monster the Musical,” “Mountain Climber the Musical,” “Bird the Musical,” “Cowboy the Musical,” and “Detective the Musical.”

The collected segments are all wonderful. They showcase some of the great, great potential and fun that Sesame Street has with “Elmo The Musical.” They allow for Elmo and the show to embrace the silly, the musical, and the fun. Some, like “Guacamole” and “Bird” are purely weird and are some of the most fun that Sesame has had in recent years. The songs are all instantly catchy and the new characters showcased in every segment allow for newer performers (Matt Vogel, Peter Linz, Tyler Bunch, et al) to shine brilliantly.

I almost have no complaints about this release, except I do wish there was just more content to be had. I know these releases aren’t designed for me, but for the attention spans of youngsters, but it’s still a shame that they can’t collect all existing “Elmo The Musical” segments on one handy release.

The bonus features are, understandably, sparse. The DVD includes the entire Play With Me Sesame video “Imagine With Me.” It’s nice that a release that is so Elmo-heavy has a prominent bonus feature that actively does not star Elmo. That being said, the Play With Me Sesame format is a little outdated but still entertaining enough.

Overall, this is a very worthwhile release for fans of modern Sesame Street. It showcases the fantastic “Elmo The Musical” segments incredibly well. The content is wonderful for adults and kids alike.


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