The Muppets Trailer Is Here!


Boy, it seems like just yesterday the trailer for the new ABC series ‘The Muppets’ was released.  Oh, it was yesterday?  I knew that.
Yesterday at the ABC Upfront’s, the trailer for ‘The Muppets’ was revealed, as well as the day it will air – Tuesday’s at 8/7c.  If you haven’t seen the trailer – firstly, shame on you – you can watch it below.

Isn’t it incredible?  It is so much better than I was hoping for, and my fears of it being too child friendly are completely gone.  I love how much Gonzo there is.  Now, traditionally on this site, when a trailer for a Muppet movie is released, we do a shot by shot analysis. We’re not going to do that this time, because there’s so many shots in this trailer that it’d take us 120 days, and by that point that show would probably be on (also, this isn’t a movie). But we thought we’d go through some points of interest, some bits that made us fan-out, some bits that made us laugh, some bits that intrigued us – you know, all that jazz! So, without further ado… (You can click on the image to make it bigger!)

vlcsnap-00001This is our first look at some of the characters we’ll be seeing.  Walter is back, which is great.  You’ll also see random characters like Big Mean Carl, Lew Zealand, Crazy Harry, Dr. Strangepork and Gene.  And could that be Spamela Hamderson?  We’ll get back to her…

vlcsnap-00002God bless America and it’s magnificent Broadcast Company, indeed, Sam.

vlcsnap-00003Kermit driving looks strange, but still so real.  How does he do it?  Extended pedals are my guess.  Either that or Walter is down there on the gas and the brakes.

vlcsnap-00004Rowlf’s line about eating his stitches was, ironically, the first line that had me in stiches.  It was this shot that made me incredibly excited for this show.  It’s a hilarious interaction between two characters that don’t have a well established relationship, and I’m excited to see these friendships explored.  Also, Scooter’s rocking that Hawaiian shirt.  Also, THERE’S UNCLE DEADLY!

vlcsnap-00005When it was announced that Fozzie would have a girlfriend, I automatically assumed it would be a new Muppet.  But, as seen above, Fozzie is dating a human.  Now, I know that almost all relationships between these characters are inter-species, but this is the first one that I’ve ever found oddly unsettling. What if they had kids?  Where would they go to the bathroom?  The woods?

vlcsnap-00006Sorry, apparently that’s an offensive stereotype.

vlcsnap-00007Gonzo feels angry that the documentary ‘talking heads’ style is being used for the show. Rizzo feels like a bagel.

vlcsnap-00008Miss Piggy is looking lovely on the set of her new film.  She’s come a long way from being Rob Schneider’s coffee pig.  But really, could anyone sink lower than that?

vlcsnap-00009Things Piggy and Gonzo (Gary?) have done together:
– 6 movies (It’s actually 8)
– 3 TV shows
– ‘Love Letters’ for a month at the Fisher Theater in Detroit.

vlcsnap-00010Here we get a good look at Kermit’s new girlfriend.  While it’s certainly the Spamela puppet, I have a funny feeling it’s a case of ‘Same Puppet / Different Character’.  What can Kermit say?  He’s attracted to pigs!

vlcsnap-00011‘The band, they’re always happy… Legally, now’ – Yes, that was a weed joke.

vlcsnap-00012The smudge on the glass makes me much happier than it probably should.

vlcsnap-00013How here are some characters I didn’t mention in my article on obscure Muppets I hoped returned in this new show.  Here we see Beautiful Day Monster, a Thingy Thing, a character I don’t actually recognize (I’ve been told that this is Cynthia Rose, seen in Muppets Tonight), and Chip, who debuted in ‘The Jim Henson Hour’, and was modeled on writer Bill Prady.  I think he was also in a holiday special or something…

vlcsnap-00014Wayne, Wanda and Pops.  Man, EVERYONE is back!

vlcsnap-00015Animal will do nudity if it’s tasteful.  There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.

vlcsnap-00016Zoot is so ‘legally happy’ that he’s hearing things inside his sax.  Zoot’s skipped a groove again.

vlcsnap-00017Man, this ‘talking head’ stuff is so gimmicky.

vlcsnap-00018Kermit’s life is a bacon wrapped Hell on Earth.  Also, ANGEL MARIE!

vlcsnap-00019A Piggy/Janice selfie!  GIRL POWER!  Amirite, ladies?

vlcsnap-00020Statler and Waldorf hate the show so much they’re damaging ABC’s property.  I know you might not like it guys, but there’s no need to riot like that.

So there we have it.  When we know a start date or we get more info we’ll pass it along, but until then, go and watch this trailer 684 more times, and if you have 3 hours spare, watch the bootleg of Gonzo’ and Piggy’s production of ‘Love Letters’ that they did at the Fisher Theater in Detroit.  It’s truly breath taking.
— Jarrod.

10 thoughts on “The Muppets Trailer Is Here!

  1. Thisn is amazing new series that makes me so excited that I just cant hyde it! Thanks Ryan for always reporting bravely the wonderful new news that is new.

  2. The trailer was really fun, but as a Muppets Tonight fan it was really depressing. Seeing Big Carl again was great, but it can’t be a coincidence that Sal, Johnny Fiama, Pepe, Clifford, Bobo and so on and so forth were all absent again.

    I love the heck out of the classic Muppet characters, but I hate the way that Disney is kicking the Muppets Tonight cast to the curb.

    • Pepe’s been seen in some of the images Disney has released. Bobo is too big of a character to forget. But I’d give up hopes of ever seeing Clifford and Sal again (at least with their original performers). Johnny might return.

  3. The so-obscure-that-it’s-slipped-The-Muppet-Mindset’s-mind Muppet is Cynthia Rose (see the Starfish and Coffee number from Prince eppy of Muppets Tonight)

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