Muppet Fan Testimonials: Daniel Kimbrell

Daniel Kimbrell- My start with the Muppet fandom was rough to say the least. I was in fourth grade in 2005. Mind you, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had found a small book entitled “100 People Who Changed The World.” Nothing special, just a small explanation on this person, if they passed away or not, and some fun facts about their contributions to society. Well, I eventually got to the section about the arts, and I discovered a person I had never known about. His name? James Maury “Jim” Henson. I discovered The Muppets there, and when I found out he worked on shows like Sesame Street and created Kermit the Frog, I was instantly hooked.
When I could, I bought several Muppet films on DVD and such. But then, I found out about a brand new production in the works. A made for television movie using the Muppets with the story of the L. Frank Baum classic, The Wizard of Oz. It was before I had discovered the Oz books, and had only known the 1930’s MGM movie. But, with some luck, I thought they would do something as great as Judy Garland’s Dorothy with Miss Piggy. Then, as we all know, Ashanti got the role of Dorothy, and the Muppets got the main roles as the citizens of Oz. I saw it, and thought it was alright.
Of course, I should probably skip ahead to 2010, when the dream I had became a reality. I had always dreampt of meeting one of the Muppet performers. Ever since I had discovered the Muppets, I had wondered what it would be like to see one of the characters up close. Well, around October, I had my chance. I got to see Dave Goelz perform Gonzo live, got to talk to Dave himself, and met an up and coming person who was running a little Muppet fan blog named Ryan. As we all found out, he would go onto bigger and better things.
Well, of course the movie The Muppets came out in 2011. I saw it twice. Then I bought the Bluray/DVD/Digital copy set with the soundtrack. Then when the movie Muppets Most Wanted came out, I saw that too. Though I had seen the previous film Muppets from Space in theaters on my Birthday, which was also its opening day. All in all, fandom well spent.

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