Muppet Retro Reviews: Monster Hits


Michael Wermuth, Jr. – Monster Hits is a Sesame Street video themed around the best monster songs from the show. The linking footage involves The Fuzzy Awards, where several songs are played, and then the winning song is to be announced after the songs are played. Herry Monster serves as host, and he has to struggle with Elmo, who wants to open the envelope with the winning song before all of the songs play.

This video has an impressive selection of songs. Included are such hits as “Fur”, “Fuzzy and Blue”, “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, and “We’re All Monsters”. If you’re a fan of Herry Monster, you should like this, as Herry not only hosts, but appears in five of the songs. There are two songs, however, that feel out of place on this video, those songs being “That Furry Blue Mommy of Mine” and “What Do I Do When I’m Alone?” They’re both good songs, and I guess it’s great they were included considering they don’t appear on any other video releases, but they feel out-of-place compared to other songs on the video. At the time I got this video, I would have rather had “Monster in the Mirror”.

Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know the winning song. At the end, Cookie Monster makes a special appearance to announce the winner. Unfortunately, he eats the envelope. However, Elmo looks inside his mouth to find out what song is the winner…. And it ends up being a song that had not been played earlier, but it plays now, and that song is “C is for Cookie”. What a good choice for the winner.

In the end, Monster Hits is a great video release of Sesame Street content. It includes most of the main Sesame Streetmonsters who were around before 1990 (except for Telly, for some reason), and as I said earlier, it has a great selection of classic monster songs. Having said that, there are enough monster hits for a sequel or two (or twenty-seven!). “More Monster Hits!” sounds like a good title.

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