Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Curly Bear

Curly Bear

Written by Jarrod Fairclough


Curly BearPerformed by
Stephanie D’Abruzzo

First Appearance
Season 34 (Episode 4055)

Most Recent Appearance
Season 45

Best Known Role
Baby Bear’s little sister

Introduced in a special 3 part episode, Curly Bear is Baby Bear’s younger sister, and the second child of Papa Bear and Mama Bear.  She is the first regular character performed by Stephanie D’Abruzzo, who has recently taken on some of Fran Brill’s characters.
When Baby Bear meets her for the first time, he remarks off the cuff that her hair is curly, referring to her as ‘a little curly bear’.  His parents hear this and decide that she will be known as Curly Bear.

Curly is a curious girl and spends a lot of time with her brother taking in everything around her.  She is happy to keep to herself, often playing with her own toys while Baby Bear and his friends play around her.  She doesn’t pay a lot of attention to them unless they’re talking directly to her.  Baby Bear often uses her as a scapegoat for things he doesn’t want to do, to which she responds with a confused ‘Huh?’.

Curly has a roar that is loader than her brothers, and she isn’t a fan of porridge like the rest of the Bear clan.  She loves her brother very much, and she affectionately refers to him as ‘Bebo’.

With the departure of Kevin Clash, Baby Natasha is no longer a part of Sesame Street. This leaves Curly Bear as the only representation of a baby on the show.  Her relationship with her brother mirrors that of other kids watching with younger siblings, and it shows that they can play and be happy together no matter what.  Her growth also shows the kids at home the steps that their younger family members might go through, which helps them prepare for whatever comes their way.  Plus, she’s really cute.


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