Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Lou Fraggle

Lou Fraggle

Written by Abigail Maughan


Performed by…
Cheryl Wagner

First Appearance…
Fraggle Rock episode 113: We Love You, Wembley (1983)

Most Recent Appearance…
Fraggle Rock Season 5 (1987)

Best Known Role…
Wembley’s compassionate friend; Poohbah

Lou is a pink, pigtailed Fraggle who appeared in the background of many Fraggle Rock episodes. As an average denizen of Fraggle Rock, Lou was among the Fraggles who played Rock Hockey, drank Whoopee Water, wanted to go to Manny’s Land of Carpets, and prepared to go to war with the Cave Fraggles.

Lou 1Her biggest role was in the first-season episode “We Love You, Wembley,” in which she was the source of conflict. After Wembley’s friends spend the day taking advantage of him and his inability to stand up for himself, Lou, by contrast, quickly wins Wembley over by listening to him and caring for his needs. A fast friendship develops, which Mokey thinks is actually a budding romance, encouraging Wembley to act on it as such. One visit to the Trash Heap and love potion fiasco later, Lou helps Wembley realize that a true friendship is one built on mutual respect and care. The two Fraggles end the episode by skipping through a tunnel together, hand in hand and singing.

Lou 3Lou’s other major speaking role was as a member of the Secret Society of Poohbahs, in the third-season episode of the same title. She and fellow members Convincing John and Gobo give the nonsensical introduction to the nonsensical song “Turn Your Buttons Down,” performed by the nonsensical Poohbahs.

Unfortunately for her, and probably Wembley, the instances mentioned above were the only times she ever even spoke on the show, so nothing else is known about Lou herself and what she does for Fraggle Rock. Although, what do Lou Fraggle, the baby tree creature, and Mudwell the Mudbunny all have in common? They all inadvertently teach Wembley, and therefore the viewers at home, important lessons about growing up.

Lou 2

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