Great Sesame Street Moments from the First 10 Years – Part 2


You can read Part 1 of this article here

And now, Michael Wermuth Jnr brings us Part 2 of his favorite Sesame Street moments from the first 10 years!

Baby Bree Talks About Traffic Safety

In this segment at Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School, Roosevelt decides to let Baby Bree teach the class. Baby Bree gives a lecture on traffic safety, but Smart Tina interrupts it to put in her thoughts. She thinks that it’s always safe to cross the street whenever the lights are green, but Baby Bree tells the class of the importance of crossing at the corners and waiting for all coming cars to make their full stops before crossing.

She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain

Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Herry, and Cookie Monster practice for one of Prairie Dawn’s plays. Cookie Monster appears in drag, having to come around the mountain, but he keeps getting it wrong, going under and through the mountain, until Ernie shows him around with a cookie. It’s funny at one point when Cookie goes under and complains about the set piece being so heavy, only for the strong Herry to say that it doesn’t look too heavy.

Professor Grover Talks About the Head

In this lecture, Professor Grover talks about the head, with Maria using her head as a visual aid. Grover keeps referring to parts of the head incorrectly, with Maria correcting Grover to the viewer, only for Grover to give us the correct terms right away, as if he doesn’t notice Maria saying this things. That’s a rather funny running gag in this segment.

Sesame Street News: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

In this segment, Kermit goes to interview the old woman who lived in a shoe, but first goes to the wrong homes, meeting the young man who lived in a glove and the young lady who lived in a hat, before finally meeting his destination – only to be roped into babysitting all of her many kids. I particularly like the young lady who lives in a hat – she barks like a dog and meows like a cat, and I like that she seems to have cat pupils in her eyes.

Swamp Mushy Muddy

A song sung by Oscar the Grouch about swamp mushy muddy, accompanied by two witches. It’s a catchy song, I feel like the back-up singers should have been grouches instead of witches but they still do a good job, and it’s a rare instance where we see Oscar in front of his trash can (especially rare for the 1970s).

Super Grover: Broken Bag

When a girl breaks her grocery bag, Super Grover comes to the rescue to help her find a way to carry her groceries home. After going through many silly items, the girl finds that she can use the box Super Grover’s supplies were in to carry the groceries. And so the day was saved, only for Super Grover to now be without a way to carry his supplies.

King Cookie

After Maria reads him a story, Cookie Monster imagines himself as a king, ordering his subjects to bring him the biggest cookie in the kingdom. It leads to a lesson in big, bigger, and biggest, and while it is the biggest cookie, I was expecting the biggest cookie to be really big. Still, this is an interesting segment.

Imaginary Disco

After listening to a disco recording of “Rubber Duckie”, Big Bird and Snuffy imagine themselves at a disco. I like the imaginary disco setting, and I usually like any pre-1985 instance where Snuffy imagines something (or is part of an imagination), considering at the time people thought he was Big Bird’s imaginary friend, so it’s fun irony.


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