The Muppets Head To Comic Con!

Comic Con

Get the green facepaint and the pointed collar ready, because we’re expecting a whole heap of cosplay for this.  On Saturday July 11th, between 3pm and 4pm, Comic Con will be holding one of their famed panels all about the upcoming series ‘the muppets.’!

Appearing on the panel will be Executive Producers and co-writers Bob Kushell and Bill Prady, Muppeteer and Executive Producer Bill Barretta, and Director Randall Einhorn.  With Bill on the panel it’s assumed that Pepe or Rowlf may join him.  Deadline have reported that other performers will be attending, so it isn’t unreasonable to think that other Muppets could appear to answer a few questions.  If we hear anything else we’ll be sure to let you know!

Of course this isn’t the first time a Muppet has appeared at Comic Con.  In 2008 Red Fraggle appeared with Karen Prell and Dave Goelz to promote the 4th season DVD release of Fraggle Rock.  Eric Jacobson has appeared twice with Grover, once in 2012 and again last year on two panels with Joey Mazzarino and Murray, and David Rudman and Cookie Monster, both of which also featured Bert.  You can watch one of these hilarious panels below.


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