The Muppet Mindset Celebrates 6 Years of Interviews – Dave Goelz

Did you know that the Muppet Mindset turns 6 in a matter of weeks?  With almost daily posts over those 6 years, that’s an estimated 4 billion articles!  Our math might be off on that one.  Don’t look in to it.

4bff5-daveandgonzorecentOver 6 years we’ve had the pleasure of conducting over 35 interviews, with a few more on their way soon!  So we thought we’d spend some time over the next 2 months looking back on some of our favorites!

Today we remember Ryan Dosier’s interview with Dave Goelz, performer of Gonzo, Bunsen, Boober and many more. Over 4 separate posts Dave covered his entire career in depth, with that classic sarcastic wit that he’s known for.

Part 1 – Wherein Dave explains how we came to be a Muppet performer, The Muppet Show, Gonzo, Zoot, and working with Jim Henson

Part 2 – Wherein Dave talks about The Muppet Movie, ‘I’m Going To Go Back There Someday’, Great Muppet Caper, Bill the Frog, and a camper van burning to the ground.

Part 3 – Wherein Dave chats about Fraggle Rock, Boober, Sidebottom, Travelling Matt and the songs from the show.

Part 4 – Wherein Dave tells a story about laughing during a studio session, talks a bit more about Jim Henson, and Gonzo, Bunsen, Boober and others answer questions like Ryan is James Lipton and this is Inside The Actors Studio.


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