Weekly Muppet Wednesday: Skenfrith


Written by Michael Wermuth Jnr.


Best-known role:
Whatever you believe it to be.

Dave Goelz.

Only Appearance:
Fraggle Rock episode 308: Believe It or Not, 1984.

Skenfrith is a magical creature who can be whatever those around him believe him to be. Red and Wembly find him in the Fraggle Rock episode “Believe It or Not”. Red decides to make Skinfrith’s personality based on her beliefs, including believing that Skenfrith has pigtails. When Wembly recalls the events of one of Traveling Matt’s postcards, and he and Red have different beliefs in whether it was good or not, Skenfrith needs them to believe the same thing and Wembly decides to agree with Red.

Eventually, Red, Wembly, and Skenfrith find themselves in the Gorgs’ basement, and unfortunately, Ma Gorg believes that there’s a large two-headed monster down there, which Skenfrith turns into against his will. It takes Red and Wembly to convince Ma that Skenfrith is not a monster, making her believe him to be a much cuter creature, which she decides to keep as a pet (though we never see Skenfrith again after this). When Wembly wonders if Skenfrith will be safe living with the Gorgs, Red assures him that he will if they believe he’ll be safe.

Skenfrith represents the magical world of Fraggle Rock, where there are different types of creatures. Skenfrith could be a Fraggle, a Doozer, or a Gorg (if somebody believed him to be one). In the last episode, The Trash Heap provides the message “you cannot leave the magic”, and Skenfrith is magic.


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