The Muppets Went To Comic Con And We Learnt Lots!


Yesterday The Muppets took over Comic Con with a one hour panel all about their new series ‘the muppets’, which begins airing Tuesday September 22 at 8/7c.
In attendance were Executive Producers Bill Prady, Bob Kushell and Randall Einhorn, as well as Muppeteers Steve Whitmire (Kermit, Rizzo), Dave Goelz (Gonzo, Bunsen), Eric Jacobson (Miss Piggy, Fozzie) and Bill Barretta (Pepe, Rowlf), who will also serve as an Executive Producer on the show.  Thankfully YouTube user ‘mouseinfo’ has put the video online, so we’ve watched it and trawled through three different articles in order to find out as much information as we can for you!  Our thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Entertainment Weekly!  Note: There are spoilers for the new show, so if you don’t want to know anything, turn back now!

  • Bill Prady revealed that it took 10 years of convincing for the show to finally come to fruition.
  • The full 10 minute pilot was shown, and received a hugely positive response.


  • There’s no barrier between the human world and the Muppet world in this show.
  • Dave Goelz had this to say about the Muppet performers; “What I’m always amazed by is somehow the essence of what Jim did seeps through the screen and guides them. They’re so dedicated to preserving Jim’s work as faithfully and reverently as they can, it’s remarkable”
  • Steve Whitmire has been leaving small bottles of Tabasco sauce in weird places for Dave Goelz to find for the last 15 years.
  • The set of the new show is huge, and Kermit can see Miss Piggy’s dressing room from his office.
  • Miss Piggy is the host of her own late night show, ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’, with Fozzie as her sidekick.  This is an interesting choice, seeing as Eric performs both roles.  The banter between them will be an interesting sight to see.


  • Kermit is the show’s Executive Producer, with Scooter as the talent coordinator and Bobo as the stage manager.
  • Gonzo is the show’s Head Writer, alongside Rizzo and Pepe.  It’s nice to see the Gonzo/Rizzo relationship back, and it should work well alongside the Rizzo/Pepe friendship that we’ve seen in promotional appearances and Muppets From Space.


  • Sam the Eagle is the Head of Broadcast Standards for the network, which should mean lots of conflict between Sam’s conventional tastes and the strange goings-on by these rag tag team of weirdos.


  • The Chef heads up the craft services (naturally) and Rowlf owns ‘Rowlf’s Tavern’, a bar across the road from the studio where the characters can relax after the show.


  • Fozzie’s human girlfriend seen in the pilot is sticking around, while Gonzo will try online dating.  We don’t know what that means for his relationship with Camilla.


  • Denise is currently being redesigned so that she looks different to Spamela Hamderson.  While this probably isn’t necessary, it will be interesting to see the new design, and it could mean that Spamela may return in some way.


  • Speaking of which, Bill Prady revealed that any character from the Muppet universe could return, including anyone from the past 2 films.  We know Walter appeared in the pilot, as did Uncle Deadly, but it could mean that Constantine may be making a reappearance.


  • Kermit agreed that there should be more female Muppets.  #FansForSkeeter!


  • Celebrity guests will be a staple of the show, with many bands being considered. The show will feature songs by bands and Muppets, both together and individually.
  • Kermit’s fatal flaw as a producer is that he’s hired his friends.


  • Bill Barretta described puppeteering Bobo as ‘carrying around your fat uncle’, while Eric described Miss Piggy as ‘not light’ and ‘dense’.
  • As the panel ended, the entire audience of over 1000 people gave the team a standing ovation, which is a great sign that the show will be well received.

All in all, the panel was a huge success, which could lead to more possible panels like this in the future.  It’s interesting to note that the Muppet performers were visible during the entire panel, which is one of the first since the Muppets were bought by Disney.  It’s nice that the Muppet performers are getting the recognition they so rightly deserve.

3 thoughts on “The Muppets Went To Comic Con And We Learnt Lots!

  1. It may be that showing the performers with their muppets in hand came from the success of Kathryn Mullen and Karen Prell appearing with their Fraggles at DragonCon 2013. The Con audience is one that very much enjoys any “behind the scenes” aspect of these shows, more so than the general audience might.

    It certainly wasn’t unknown in Jim’s day. Jim and Frank regularly appeared with their muppets on talk shows in the 70s. I have a recollection of a Dinah Shore episode where Frank w/ Fozzie was on hand to give a loud greeting and hug to Paul Williams, also a guest that day…it may have been in promotion of the Muppet Movie, but I can’t remember that well, being only 8 at the time. It was clear that *Fozzie* was greeting Paul, even though Frank was clearly on screen holding him.

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