The Muppet Mindset Celebrates 6 Years of Interviews – Julianna Donald

Although it pains me to say it because he’s such a creep, The British Correspondent once did a good job. *Shudder*  Yes, back in June 2010 The Muppet Mindset was lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Julianna Donald – aka Jenny from The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Though she’s stepped away from acting, Julianna was lovely enough to take the time to sit and answer a few questions for us.  In a twist that made us all laugh, Julianna is now working in fashion – just like her character Jenny was studying in the film!

Julianna talks about not really knowing who the Muppets were, the fact that she still gets recognized as Jenny, being believable talking to a hand, not falling down pits, her experiences with Jim Henson, Martin Scorcese’s folks, humans being the leads in Muppet movies, kissing Kermit, and reveals which Muppet makes the best pancakes.

You can read it all right here!

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